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Authoritarian Mindset...."Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am"

By The Reverend Published: August 15, 2014

I see that Chuck Todd will be replacing Dancin' David Gregory as anchor of Meet the Press. That is similar to painting your off-white kitchen a softer shade of The ratings will remain in the basement. Todd is identical to Gregory when it comes to his embrace of "both sides do it-ism." Chuck Todd doesn't seem to be the arrogant prick that Gregory has always been....but Todd's focus on the "game" of politics, who's up, who's down, while usually avoiding any substantive discussion over actual policy will guarantee low ratings for MTP in the future. Good job guys.

Speaking of teevee guys who are arrogant seems that Morning Joe anchor, Joe Scarborough, a Republican hack playacting being a journalist, had some advice for Washington Post reporter, Wesley of two reporters arrested briefly by Ferguson, Missouri stormtroopers.

Scarborough is a deep well of.....conventional conservative wisdom. And as such, the repellant anchor thought he would offer advice to authentic reporters who were, you know, doing their job. Why, if Joe were in the same situation as authentic reporters in Ferguson, he wouldn't...."debate and film the police officer unless I want to get on TV and have people talk about me the next day."

Scarborough is wise. He knows that Wesley Lowery, a real journalist not a wooden Pinocchio without a heart, only wanted to "have people talk about" him the next day. That is why Lowery had himself arrested. Scarborough, unlike all other humans, has the ability to read minds and determine motives.....all without confronting the facts of the matter.

But it's Scarborough's advice to Lowery and Huff Post's Ryan Reilly which needs airing out....

"There is a lot of unanswered questions here, but I do know this. When a police officer asks you to pick up—I've been in places where police officers said, "All right, you know what? This is cordoned off, you guys need to move along." You know what I do? I go, "Yes, sir," or "Yes, ma'am."

That is the essence of an authoritarian mindset. If authorities bark orders in free America.....then, a truly free person should simply obey those orders. USA, USA, usa...

Digby: The authoritarian impulse is vividly on display among the right wingers today. They hate government --- until it brings the hammer down on people they don't like. They are loving the sight of those Robo-cops on the streets of America.

Like when authorities brought the hammer down on Occupy Wall street protestors. Authoritarian conservatives and corporate-sponsored "journalists", indeed, loved the sight of stormtroopers driving peaceful American protestors out of their protest "camps."

But democracy and authoritarianism are antithetical. Police or military dictatorships, where citizens must simply say "yes sir" to orders by unelected officials, are rarely considered to be democracies.

Authoritarianism, combined with the belief that the minority should rule when Republicans comprise that minority.......are proof positive that conservatism is opposed to truly representative democracy.

Thankfully, Wesley Lowery, an authentic journalist, had some advice for Morning Blow....

"Well I would invite Joe Scarborough to come to Ferguson and get out of 30 Rock where he's sitting there sipping his Starbucks smugly; I'd invite him to come down here to talk to the residents of Ferguson where I've been since Monday afternoon having tear gas shot at me, having rubber bullet shot at me. … I would invite Joe Scarborough down here to do some reporting on the ground, and then maybe we can have an educated conversation about what's happening here. … Let me be clear about this, I have little patience for talking heads. … Instead of getting more reporters on the ground we have people like Joe Scarborough running their mouth who have no idea what they’re talking about."

I don't think anything more needs said, do you?



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