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Back To Obama's Future Failures

By The Reverend Published: April 21, 2012

I often travel the Tallmadge Circle. The Circle is a roundabout without stop signs or traffic lights where 4 highways intersect. It's a busy place.

The other day I noticed that the old Lujan's restaurant building, later Bob's Big Boy, on the Circle is still shuttered. It's been shuttered for years and years. It was shuttered during the Bush presidency and it's still shuttered during the Obama administration.

However, if I look at the shuttered Lujan's building the way that GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, does....then I would have to suggest that even though Lujans' was closed and shuttered when Bush was president, it's President Obama's fault that it hasn't either reopened or been replaced by another thriving business.

Mitt Romney visited an Ohio factory this week, closed when President George W. Bush was in office, to make the case that President Barack Obama’s economic policies prevented the facility and others like it from reopening.

"It would have reopened by now, but it’s still empty," the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said. "It underscores the failure of this president’s policies with regards to getting the economy working again."

The drywall plant in Lorain, Ohio that Romney was referencing closed 7 months before Barack Obama became president. But to Romney the fact that the plant was still closed was evidence that Obama is a failure.

So, I'm thinking that there must be a whole bunch of other businesses that closed before Obama was inaugurated that are also still closed today primarily because Obama is a failure.

Take the Richfield Coliseum which used to be located between Akron and Cleveland. It's gone, and it was gone before Obama became president. That means that the Richfield Colisuem is still gone because of Obama and his failures.

Why didn't I see this before? No wonder the right doesn't like Obama. No wonder the right always blames Obama for everything that has ever gone wrong in the U.S and the world.

I think of my youth....quite a few years ago now.....I think about the smallish Neal's Market in Mogadore, for example. It's been gone for decades, a U.S. Bank, NAPA auto parts store and a McDonald's now standing where it once stood. And I'm, with Mitt Romney's whole new way of looking at closed businesses.....I need to re-evaluate what happened to the long-gone Neal's Market, the old grocery, meat and general store where, at 10 years old, I bought my Topps baseball cards.

With the brilliant insight of Mitt Romney, I now know that the old Neal's Market in Mogadore, the one which closed down and the building razed decades ago.....actually closed down and remains closed because of President Obama's failures. I know that it is Obama's fault because Neal's was closed before Obama became president....and it's still closed today while Obama is president.

Seriously, I have had my eyes opened. Silly me, I thought that Obama had inherited a free-falling economy gutted by schemers, skimmers and thieves, other words, the rich....and then left to rot and die on his desk January 20, 2009. I guess I never realized how much of America's past failures are Obama's responsibility.

Which stimulates by imagination.

People were dying before Obama became president......and after he became president, people are still dying. Proving that Barack Obama has failed. Are you starting to catch on to the way President Obama should be properly evaluated?

Long before Obama was born husbands and wives sometimes divorced. But now since Obama became president.....husbands and wives are still divorcing. Which clearly proves that Obama
has been a total failure.

I'll leave it to readers to fill in all the millions of failures Obama is responsible for, all of which were failures before he became president which proves that Obama is who made all those failures the failures that they still are today.

If that last sentence seems....I don't know....kind of's not because Romney is, somehow, wrong in his evaluation of Obama. It's that all the rest of us are misinformed about how much bad stuff Obama has done to our nation, before and after, he became president.




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