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Bailout Plan Review & W's Favorite Game

By The Reverend Published: November 15, 2008

I've been thinking about this $750 billion dollar holdup of the Treasury. I have come to some tentative conclusions.

I know from 8 years of Bush-Rove-Cheney that this administration does nothing without having two goals in mind. The primary goal, as was confirmed by Scott McClellan, is always political. Once a cockamamie plan was settled on behind closed doors and from undisclosed locations, selling the plan was job One. It never mattered if they lied constantly about their cockamamie plan, deceived Americans repeatedly and with conspiratorial premeditation.....because the only goal was to sell it.

And so with the bailout, it's necessary to strip away the "selling" part which was launched, as any new product would be launched, as "mushroom clouds" and "WMD's" were launched, in September. The "selling" part was witnessed in the emergency-ness of how it was presented, and when it was presented. Right in the middle of a hot and heavy presidential campaign, we were sold a story of how next Friday's paychecks were in jeopardy, time was of the essence, the Dow might drop 2000 points in one day, etc. Paulsen, laughingly looking back at it, was in such a frantic state, because it was, like, an emergency,.....he only had enough time to prepare a three page plan.

The plan was simple. Take $750 billion out of the Treasury and give it to Paulsen and Bush, and no one gets hurt. Sincerely, the White House. Totally outrageous. But they got the Congress to accept, in a whirlwind emergency session or two, a "compromise" exchanging taxpayer dollars for corporate stocks. Congress reassured voters that taxpayers now had a potential to actually MAKE money on the deal.

As we now know, from Paulsen's telling us, the White House got what it originally wanted. Paulsen is telling us that he'll pretty much do what he and George wanted to do from the beginning. No individual foreclosure relief,.....Hank will just continue buying stocks in whatso-goddamn-ever companies he pleases. In so doing, Paulsen keeps the administration's Wall Street buddies flush and comfortable. Congress, apparently, has no corporate controls, a designated oversight board has no members picked yet and ol'e Hank has burned through $240B already. That money has helped, you know, the less fortunate......dividend check owners, CEO's who have caused the problem, spa junket know, the true-Americans.

Unless words have no meaning, and with this bunch one can never tell, Hank Paulsen will go right on ahead and spend every dollar of the $750B on buying stock. The U.S taxpayers will own $750B worth of stock but Congress has no say in what these corporations really do with the money. It was a "hands off" only, kind of bailout, you know, like when you give a homeless drunk five dollars. Naturally, the Decider will veto any lame-ass duck Congressional fast track bill benefitting homeowner's or the unemployed. The top 1% must not, in any way, experience an interruption of their very important personal kingdom's. Hank and Codpiece have 'em covered. Workers? Oh, please. They're whiners.

Any "regular Americans" relief will have to wait for the Bush criminals to vacate the scene of the crime. Bush has a 76% disapproval rating, a historic high. He could care less. He actually hates all that America stands for, fights against it. Just like he fought against his dad's shadow. He is a very disturbed human being, who has proven once again, as the door hits him in the ass, his only allegiance is to his own personal game of F*ck U.

Don't like deep tax cuts for the wealthy? It's our due....F*ck U.

Don't like me ordering torture, rendition, illegal eavesdropping and a fraudulently sold, Iraq occupation? Double enemy combatant and Guantanomo....F*ck U.

Don't like the Katrina results? Don't think feds did the right thing? Heck-of-a-f*ck-u Brownie.

Don't particularly care for those no-bid contracts that go to our cronies? Halliburton and Blackwater and a big Privatized F*ck U.

And finally to George's last move on his own personal F*ck U Game Board.....

Don't like me and The Dick at all anymore? 3 out of 4 of you disapprove? Watch this. I'm going to get you dumb asses to hand over to my ole' buddy Hank, here, $750B, and we're going to give it all to our bestest buddies and there's nothing anyone will be able to do about it.

The Bush-Rove-Cheney White House Warriors are packing their sh*t to get out of town, and while they're packing, they're collectively flipping us the bird, knowing that they have given all Americans one good and final....F*ck U.

These are the worst people in all of American governmental history.



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