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Bain, Romney & Latin American Oligarchs

By The Reverend Published: August 9, 2012

Readers should go here and here to read the stories in detail. I encourage people to take the time.

Here's what I think is the crux of it...

In 1984 Mitt was having difficulty raising startup investment capital for Bain Capital....a newly created entity with Mitt at the helm. Romney met with several Latin American oligarchs and eventually raised $6.5 million, and possibly as much as $9 million, from these businessmen. The amount was a sizable portion of the total raised for Bain Capital's startup of $37 million.

"I owe a great deal to Americans of Latin American descent," he (Romney) said at a dinner in Miami in 2007. "When I was starting my business, I came to Miami to find partners that would believe in me and that would finance my enterprise. My partners were Ricardo Poma, Miguel Dueñas, Pancho Soler, Frank Kardonski, and Diego Ribadeneira."

Romney could also have thanked investors from two other wealthy and powerful Central American clans -- the de Sola and Salaverria families, who the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe have reported were founding investors in Bain Capital.

This is where the death squads and the assassination of priests and 35,000 dead civilians come in...but I don't want to go there. Read the accounts and decide for yourselves.

I'm sure Bain and Romney did nothing illegal in taking investment money from El Salvadoran oligarchs in the 80's. However, if this were Barack Obama, as we've learned from the guilt-by-association smear-a-palooza featuring Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and a host of other "terrorists" Obama was "palling around with"....wouldn't Obama be called to account for his evil investment money connections to death squad-funding El Salvadoran oligarchs?

Or is it impolite and uncivil to ask such a question?



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