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Bankster Sock Puppets

By The Reverend Published: June 15, 2012

I wrote quite a bit about the Tea Party when it first kicked off in early 2009. The context of it's forming and having its first anti-Obama protest rallies in February and March that year is extremely important to understand. The context is important in seeing how big money in the U.S. plays average voters for suckers in a game to keep the system rigged in their favor.

What was the most important issue facing America at the beginning of 2009? It was the meltdown of the financial industry and what effect that was having, and would continue to have, on the overall economy. Three and a half years removed, we now know that middle Americans have lost 40% of their wealth since Lehman Brothers went belly-up and TARP was advanced by President Bush and Hank Paulson at the close of 2008.

Some 800,000 working Americans lost their jobs in December 2008, and many hundreds of thousands would follow as the blowback from deregulated, out of control, banks and insurers gambling away our futures reached its zenith during the first six months of the foreigner, Obama's, new presidency.

Some may quibble about the details, but I think that's a fair framing of what happened at the end of 2008, beginning of 2009.

Americans in the middle of the economic spectrum would lose 40% of their wealth over the next 3 1/2 years. And three quarters of that loss would come from losses in real estate values, the very industry which Banksters blew all to hell with their derivative and default swap gambling that were made possible by deregulation at the end of Bill Clinton's administration.

With all that in mind.....what do you think the major concern of Wall Street banksters was entering 2009? I mean other than being made solvent by tax payer guarantees?

I suggest that what Banksters feared most was American citizens, and any honest politicians left, calling for accountability and a re-regulating of the money shufflers industry. Populist blowback.

Yes, at the end of 2008, leading into 2009, the biggest threat to Big Banksters and their profligate gambling ways was the threat that a populist uprising would corral the Banksters from continuing to do what they had been doing. The biggest fear of Big Banksters was that THEY would be blamed for the depression to come.

That's when Dick Armey, Ari Fleischer and similar Wall Street pimps went to work to organize a new movement of anti-Obama citizens. The Tea Party was the result. Don't get me wrong, the plan was brilliant by the usual suspect deception artists....and to a certain extent it has worked very well.

Many, many Americans became interested in the Tea Party. However, almost every interested person had voted against Obama a few months prior. It seemed like a sore-loser group to me....but with corporate whores like Fleischer and Armey steering the astroturf quickly became an anti-government group.

That was the intention from the beginning. To raise up what looked like a populist group of anti-government conservative citizens to blame government for what had happened in the financial collapse. Instead of average citizens protesting the criminality and greed of Bankster players, instead of a populist citizens group protesting nationwide against the very rules and regulations which permitted gambling-addicts and money shufflers to steal 40% of middle Americans wealth.....we got the incoherent, extreme-right conservative Tea Party instead.

What was the Tea Party's thrust from the beginning? Everything was the GOVERNMENT's fault. The Tea Party movement was first and foremost an anti-government movement organized and funded for the purpose of distracting Americans attention away from blaming Big Banksters on Wall Street as the villain of the financial collapse. Instead of the financial industry criminals being the focus of Americans rage.....the job of the Tea Party was to get Americans to blame government, instead.

That is why, for years, I have blasted the Tea Party. The Tea Party was funded and organized, yes, "created", by corporate shills scrambling to find a way to take the heat and focus off of those actually responsible for today's 40% wealth loss.....and transferring that heat and focus on to the government.

Three and one half years later not one banking official has been held accountable. Not one Bankster has been convicted. But government is hated now more than ever.

The Tea Party has done the job for their corporate masters. Diverting attention and blame away from the crime scene criminals and placing it on the government.....the same government newly led in February, 2009 by a black Democratic president.




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