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By The Reverend Published: March 20, 2013

President Obama won 71% of the Latino-American vote last November. Obama also won 95% of the black American vote. Mitt Romney won 59% of the white American vote in a 72% majority-white electorate...and lost by several million popular votes and by a blowout in the electoral college vote.

But that's not the bad news for the GOP. This is...

Minorities, classified as those of any race other than non-Hispanic, single-race whites, currently constitute about a third of the U.S. population, according to Census figures. But by 2042, they are projected to become the majority, making up more than half the population.

If those projections were not as they are....and non-white Americans were not poised in three decades to outnumber white Americans.....immigration reform including a path to citizenship would not be, as they say, on the table for GOP consideration. Simple as that.

The minority party in our democratic republic actually has more power to stop legislation from being passed than the majority has to pass legislation; and because of that paradigm, comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, even when suggested by George W. Bush, has been rejected out of hand by conservatives.

But now the unavoidable math is on the unavoidable even for a political party which often dismisses facts and science in favor of faith-based solutions.

So, yesterday, Mr. Tea Party himself, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).....came out of the "amnesty" closet, as it were, saying this.....

“Basically what I want to do is to expand the worker visa program, have border security and then as far as how people become citizens, there already is a process for how people become citizens. The main difference is I wouldn’t have people be forced to go home. You’d just get in line. But you get in the same line everyone is in.”

Until yesterday, the official minority party position on immigration reform has been either a) round up all undocumented immigrants in the country and send them back to their birth countries, or b) self-deportation ala Mitt Romney. Anything other than a and b, until yesterday, was not to be taken seriously by any true conservative.

Let me be crystal clear. What Rand Paul, Mr. Liberty himself, Mr. Small Government conservative himself, Mr. Law 'n Order himself, proposed yesterday is known as "amnesty." "The main difference is I wouldn’t have people be forced to go home." Truth is, Paul's position now is basically the same as President Usurper.

Good for Rand Paul. The immigration policies he espoused yesterday are at least reasonable and rooted in reality.

But after listening to Rush yesterday and reading's take on Paul's new path to citizenship....I can't help but wonder, what the heck.

Here's John Hayward of redstate....

Senator Paul uses the terms “undocumented citizens” and “undocumented persons” several times, by the way. We can’t even describe the people we’re talking about rationally any more. The use of the term “undocumented citizens” strongly implies that there’s nothing left to do but document them, as quickly as possible....

Years of lax border security and immigration law enforcement left us with the 11 million strong population we must now accept as new citizens, and what do you know, they tend to be strongly in favor of larger government. The new electorate ordered up by the political class has finally been delivered, and the political realities of 2013 mean American voters don’t really have much to say about it.

Here's Limbaugh yesterday....

"I've told the Democrats. I've told the media. I've told the Republicans. I, too, will support amnesty if the newly made citizens cannot vote for 25 years.

And of course there's not one person who supports it, because the whole point of amnesty is registering them as voters."

And then Limbaugh puts his bigotry on display....

"'s anywhere from 12 to 20 million, both parties see them as potential voters....The reason why it's a death sentence for the that the Democrats already get 70% of the Hispanic vote and they do because 70% of Hispanics living in this country buy -- this is polling data here. This is not my wild guess. They say that they believe that government should be the primary source of prosperity. They believe in it. They believe in big, activist government involved in everybody's life, 70% of the Hispanic vote."

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but is it not transparently clear that anti-immigration reform conservatives primarily comprehend any immigration reform as first and foremost a POLITICAL issue? A pathway to citizenship, to Rush and redstate, is only for the purpose of benefiting the Democratic Party.

But the likes of Limbaugh can't just let it go at that....they have to go out on that winger limb and seek to explain WHY Latino immigrants-made-citizens lean 3-1 Democratic. Because...

"They say that they believe that government should be the primary source of prosperity."

You see, those Latinos have the 47% mentality, just like those Americans who voted for Obama....thinking that "prosperity" comes from government....just like all the worthless "takers" out there who will only vote for "gift giving Santa's" like Obama.

Used to be that cocky conservatives would boast about the Catholic culture of Latino immigrants being a natural fit in the conservative GOP oriented, hard work, faith-based, etc.....but no more. Now, according to conservatives, Latinos are nothing but "parasites" and "leeches" with their hands out in the direction of big government.

Today's conservatives, with few exceptions, only see the politics.....and could care less about the humans affected. Limbaugh's "new immigrant citizens can't vote for 25 years" is all the proof that's necessary. Democratic voters, no matter their birth country, should only be regarded as inferior, lazy and immoral slugs by boot-strapping white bigots.



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