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Beacon Endorses Obama....I Think

By The Reverend Published: October 19, 2008

Obama speaks yesterday to 100,000 in St. Louis.

Update: Powell endorses Obama video below.

Back in February of this year, the AB Journal endorsed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in the Ohio Democratic primaries. While doing so Barack Obama was called a "flawed candidate" by the Beacon's editorial writers. Also see here and here and my infamous "Brokeback Beacon" post here. At the time I predicted that the Beacon eventually would endorse John McCain for president. This morning my prediction turned out to be wrong. The Beacon endorsed least that's what the editorial headline says.

In their typical weasel-worded, talk-out-of-both-sides-of-their-mouth, style.....the Beacon writer includes all the following negativity about Barack Obama...while at the same time endorsing him....

Obama may be a relatively young candidate, his short resume reason for concern.

That isn't to say his run has been flawless. He and his team have erred, say, reversing course on public financing of the campaign, hardly the stand of a new kind of politician.

The next president must chart a responsible exit, a task that won't be as easy as the candidate's words often suggest. Obama points to Afghanistan as the more worthy front in combating al-Qaida and its ilk. He is right, yet he has hardly proved frank about the commitment required there.

An Obama presidency invites worries. He must resist the protectionist impulse evident in his appearances during the Ohio primary. He should be prepared to thwart a Democratic Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and fully capable of excesses.

Yes, The Reverend was wrong about the Beacon Journal endorsing John McCain this fall. However, can you imagine the above sentences even being in an editorial of endorsement for Obama?

Elsewhere in the editorial the Beacon says that John McCain "offers much to admire", he is "admirably independent-minded" and that McCain (unbelievably) "carried enough burdens" with "an unpopular president and a declining economy." That comes close to gushing and apologetic.

Why then not endorse this admired Republican figure?

Methinks the answer to this reluctant, if it's even that, endorsement of Barack Obama for president is found right here....

How discouraging, then, his selecting Sarah Palin to join him on the Republican ticket. The Alaska governor may be a quick study. Still, she is ill-prepared for the job. More, she reinforces the questions: Where does John McCain really stand? Where would he take the country?

There it is. If McCain had not chosen Palin for his running mate....this morning's Beacon editorial headline would have read "McCain for president."

I'm glad to be wrong about my original prediction. The AB Journal, indeed, endorsed Barack Obama this matter how reluctant they did so and no matter how many qualifiers of negativity they included. Yet, consider the wording of the Beacon's "endorsement"....

We recommend the election of Barack Obama on Nov. 4. Link

That sentence, if meant to endorse, would have read...."We recommend voting for Barack Obama for president." I have no idea what "we recommend the election of" even means.

Like I said....weasel-worded.

Update: Powell endorsement...



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