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Beacon On Obama: No "Key Words That Matter"

By The Reverend Published: August 31, 2008

During the Democratic primaries the Beacon Journal described Barack Obama as a "flawed candidate" and endorsed the eventual runner-up, Hillary Clinton. It's interesting to note that uber-Republican and unindicted co-conspirator, Karl Rove, no fence sitter, has also described Obama as "a deeply flawed candidate."

This morning, the Beacon, in what I would call a schitzophrenic editorial arguing with itself, and fully aware that the latest Gallup poll has Obama up by 8 percentage points, still insists that Obama is not the man to lead the nation in 2009.

The Beacon's reason why Obama may lose....

The sight of the Illinois senator, a black man, before almost 80,000 people at Invesco Field in Denver, taking the reins of a major party, certainly qualifies as part of the progress King envisioned.

That doesn't guarantee an Obama presidency. Racism persists.

There were actually over 84,000 people in Denver to see "a black man", a record crowd for such an event....but to the Beacon that indicates very little..."racism persists." 38 million Americans tuned in to watch Obama on the teevee, yet another record for a political event....but to the Beacon that fact indicates nothing...."racism persists."

So is it because "racism persists" that the Beacon still holds that Obama is a "flawed candidate"? Does the Beacon believe that because Obama is "a black man" and that "racism persists".....that those facts make him "flawed"? That would seem to me to be a flaw with voters, or editorial writers, not with Obama.

Conservatives of the radical kind, like Bill Kristol and Pat Buchanan, stated that Obama's speech Thursday night was superb in content and delivery....the Beacon?...

What was missing?
For all the impressive rhetoric, Obama has yet to summon key words that matter.

Those two sentences are a case study in newspaper editorial bias. The Beacon, in a state of bitter denial rivaling George W. Bush's bitter denial that he has been wrong about just about everything, goes out on the embarassing limb of reality-denial and then, just like the Beacon's Dear and Fearless Decider Leader....cuts off the limb.

Consider how ridiculously foolish are the words...."Obama has yet to summon key words that matter." Barack Obama refocused our attention Thursday night on the "promise of America" we are all in this together as one people, one nation....not blue not red. Obama stated patriotically that our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are not serving a "red" or "blue" nation...they're serving the nation of the United States. But to the Beacon..."Obama has yet to summon key words that matter." My totally un-self aware can an editorial board be?

And then the Beacon writer, ever ready to give the "flawed" candidate, Obama, advice.....either forgot to take his schitzophenia medicine...or took too much....

He echoed tired pledges. More talk about dealing with the deficit through closing loopholes and eliminating waste? Independence from foreign oil in a decade? Change you can believe in?

And yet, change also frightens, especially in places like Ohio, where globalization rattles nerves.

Address those concerns in a smart and compelling way, and Barack Obama will become a more complete candidate of change. Link

Hey, don't ask me what that's supposed to mean.

The highly biased Beacon writer couldn't find any "smart and compelling" words or statements from Barack Obama's acceptance speech....a speech praised by even the most extreme elements of conservatism. Instead, the Beacon says, "change also frightens, especially in Ohio". Allow me to finish the Beacon's thinly veiled meaning here. What the writer is saying is that "change also frightens, especially in Ohio", because "racism persists" and Obama is "a black man." Don't be shy, Beacon. Spit out the venom.

With this terribly biased editorial, the Beacon is now fully prepared to endorse John McCain before the election. The Beacon editorialists are simply experiencing a period of mental anguish, dissonance if you will, in an apparent struggle to justify such a foolish endorsement. The Beacon knows full well that Barack Obama is the better candidate with a better message for America, but see....."racism persists" and Obama is "a black man".

Akron deserves better.



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