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Beacon's Douglas Schoolmarms Obama

By The Reverend Published: November 30, 2008

The Beacon's Michael Douglas puts on his stern, and haughty schoolmarm face in today's column. Douglas asks, "What is the Obama mandate for change?" Please take the time to read what Mr. Douglas wrote. It is representative of the scolding establishment Villagers who always admire their own thinking, while at the same time conveniently avoiding reality.

The Beacon columnist fails in answering his own question before he even begins to....well...answer the question. Douglas references what Bush said after his 3 1/2 million vote win over John Kerry in 2004......sees similarities in what Bush said then to what Obama said in his election night speech about being the president of all Americans.....points out Bush's radical cronyism and radical initiatives after his re-election....and in his best schoolmarm style.....scolds Obama pre-emptively if he even dares to behave....umm....progressively.

This is how Douglas describes what Obama called "change".....

At its most basic level, the promise amounts to doing what Bush did not, making a genuine effort to gain the trust of ''those Americans whose support I have yet to earn.''

See....Bush won by 3 1/2 million votes in 2004, Obama won by a margin over twice that size....yet the Beacon's Douglas sees Obama's campaign promise of "change", "at it's most basic level", as appeasing those who didn't vote for him at all, "by making a genuine effort to gain the trust" of McCain voters. Now, ask yourself: What freaking sense does that make?

When a Democratic presidential candidate wins by 8 million votes over his Republican opponent, gets 53% of the vote, and landslides in with 365 electoral votes.....according to the Beacon's Douglas, that Democratic president's first and most basic job is to work to earn the respect of those who didn't vote for him.

Normal, logical, structured thought processes, it would seem, would lead a person to suggest that the most basic job of the newly elected Democratic president, one who won by over 6%, would be to enact "change" according to the expectations of those who voted him into office. But not Michael Douglas. It's just the opposite for Douglas. Winning by the largest margin in recent history couldn't possibly mean that American voters wanted Obama to bring his many and detailed plans of progressive change into realization....heavens no....instead, according to Douglas, Obama should do just the opposite. Obama shouldn't enact or lead out on anything that those who didn't vote for him don't want.

That's not political opinion we can believe fact....that's ridiculous.

There's so much scolding and finger wagging in today's Michael Douglas' screed that he comes across just like a Bob Novak or a Turdblossom Rove.

"He must make a credible attempt to earn the support of skeptics by governing from the center, doing what an effective negotiator does, forcing the tough choice on the other guy."

No. This is completely misguided. The choices will be presented to the other question....but it's the voters choices that matter here....not the minority sure-to-be obstructionist Republicans. And the voters voted for an Obama mandate to leave Iraq, pass national health care, create jobs, and a host of other non-conservative policies. The voters increased the Democratic majorities in both houses of the Congress. They didn't do this so that Republican "skeptics" could have their way.

Finally....this, by the Beacon's Douglas, can't be differentiated from anything heard daily on Fox News.....

"That will surely require pressing interests within his own party to accept less than they seek. More than anything, Barack Obama has promised that his White House will elevate the debate in Washington, even solve a huge problem or two. There resides his mandate for change."

In Michael Douglas' Schoolmarm School of Scold, whose attendees include folks like William O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Bill Kristol and many, many other fellow scolders.....when Democrats win....big.....they really don't win at all. When Democrats win big they must "accept less than they seek", "elevate the debate", maybe even solve a couple problems here and there, but never in their wildest imaginations should they think that they have a mandate for new progressive policy change.

Mr. Douglas....put the wooden ruler down...step away from the chalkboard....unclutch those conservative, establishment pearls, and bask in the sunrise of Obama's upcoming progressive era. The Democrats actually won this one in a big way.



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