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Being Properly Educated

By The Reverend Published: January 14, 2009

Here's a 1:40 ThinkProgress compilation where Serious Experts in Mediaworld describe, in their unmistakenly serious way, how the make-believe script of an hour long make-believe teevee program, delivered by make-believe torture-hero Jack Bauer, should be a definitive teaching lesson that Americans should take to heart.

As a child, I often enjoyed watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, but even back then I didn't base my formative worldview on Rocky's plot lines.
Even then, I knew that talking squirrels and moose were, like, fantasy characters. But like I said....being a child, I hadn't learned the Serious, Mature and Intelligent ways of the Professional, Grown-up, Education Experts yet.

Shifting gears but staying in the same educational lane....we have this from the Serious Ones....

The Israeli military says its warplanes have carried out more than 2,300 air strikes since the conflict began on Dec. 27. The Israeli military said its 60 air strikes overnight included attacks on what the army called weapons smuggling tunnels, rocket-launching sites and weapons production facilities. The Associated Press quoted Gaza residents as saying one strike hit a cemetery, destroying 30 graves and scattering body parts. Link

That cemetery hit is really an extra special touch, isn't it? Nothing says, 'we're the righteous', 'we're the good guys', quite like blowing up freshly buried Palestinian flesh.

Despite the obvious censorship in American media over the Israeli terrorist activity in Gaza, (still complete silence from liberals Olbermann and Maddow), we do have a fresh body count. There are now 971 dead Palestinians, at least half of whom are civilians, hundreds children. 13 Israelis are dead, about half of whom were killed by friendly fire. Now the score is 971-13......but the Palestinians are still the 'terrorists.' Don't forget that lesson.

Back here in CheneyWorld, where fantasy teevee figures prove that savagery is good, savagery works.....Terrorist Sympathizers in the Professional Cartoon Media, write Deeply Serious analyses, like in the hopelessly liberal New York Times, explaining how difficult it is to know whether Israel's terrorist actions in Gaza are meant to "educate" Hamas or "eliminate" them.

Tom 'Suck on This' Friedman, a very Distinguished and Serious Journalist, (as opposed to Anonymous, Unserious Bloggers), references the 2006 Israeli terrorist attack on southern Lebanon which strengthened and emboldened this....

Israel’s counterstrategy was to use its Air Force to pummel Hezbollah and, while not directly targeting the Lebanese civilians with whom Hezbollah was intertwined, to inflict substantial property damage and collateral casualties on Lebanon at large. It was not pretty, but it was logical.

Jack Bauer teevee fantasies of torture aren't pretty either but if you happen to be Tom Friedman, being educated by pain and suffering in the case of torture, or being educated by "substantial property damage and collateral casualties", is f*cking "logical".

It's all about learning, you see.

The following non-make believe story from inside Gaza proves that Friedman is abso-f*cking-lutely correct....Israeli terrorist actions are all about education....

Luay Suboh, 10, from Beit Lahiya, lost his eyesight and some skin on his face Saturday when, his mother said, a fiery substance clung to him as he darted home from a shelter where his family was staying to pick up clothes.

The substance smelled like burned trash, said Ms. Jaawanah, the mother who fled her home in Zeitoun, who had experienced it too. She had no affection for Hamas, but her sufferings were changing that. “Do you think I’m against them firing rockets now?” she asked, referring to Hamas. “No. I was against it before. Not anymore.” Link

Logical learning.



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