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Being Re-educated

By The Reverend Published: February 27, 2011

Immediately following Barack Obama's inauguration, I was informed by serious, patriotic conservatives that the just-elected president had taken the country away from them. My reaction then, call me uninformed and crazy....but wasn't that, like, pretty fast?

Judge Roberts had barely finished stumble-f*cking his way through the administering of Obama's oath of office before Tea Party protests began forming wherever a Fox camera could be set up.

Two months into Obama's administration, I learned that Obama had already spent the next 4 or 5 generation's education and lunch money,..... most likely on dope for him and his communist buddies, although details were often sketchy.....leaving the U.S. Treasury in bankruptcy, or damn near.

Only then was it made clear to me how sincere and clear-headed our nation's new Patriot movement was. The nation was broke....I was told. Bankrupt. We couldn't pay our current financial obligations, nor our future obligations. The communist program setup back in the 30's under Czar Roosevelt had no money left in it's Ponzi scheme and the T-bill IOU's sitting in West Virginia vaults were now being used to start campfires because they had no other value.

It was all.....let me see.....a re-education, as it were.

And I learned a lot.

I learned that what was required during the years 2001-2009....fondly remembered now as our Non-Apologetic Era of Greatness, or Shocking Awesomeness, as many preferred....was the deepest and broadest tax cuts in our history. Americans deserved their money back from their was, after all, their money.....and as the Shockingly Awesome Commander Guy reminded us, Americans were demanding a "refund."

But alas, those Glory Days, those Days of Responsibility, sadly, came to an end. New leadership came to Washington. The new leadership, I immediately learned, was illegitimate. Now, I admit that it took me awhile to grasp the illegitimacy of the new president.....but when ACORN was unanimously defunded, primarily because of the sophisticated work of our nation's new Stephen Hawking, L'il Jimmy O'Keefe.....things crystallized for me. Of course ACORN rigged the 2008 election in favor of our new foreign-exchange student president....why else would a Demo-crat Congress and a Demo-crat president try to cover it all up by defunding ACORN?

This new, albeit illegitimate, leadership was left in the enviable position of governing a nation which was losing 750,000 jobs per month. Those losses were not the responsibility of the Glory Days leaders. Sure, those huge losses began before the Dark Knight took office, but those losses, oddly, began right about the time that ACORN (and Planned Parenthood) successfully rigged Barack Obama's election "win."

Having created an emergency situation before he took office, Obama had set the stage perfectly for the looting of the Treasury, looting that Saint Sarah of Alaska had warned us would happen.

Most of the looting, I have since learned, went to the laziest Americans.....those who refuse to lift a finger to help themselves. How else could a large group of unemployed Americans be characterized? I mean, why didn't they have jobs?

But it has only dawned on me lately, thanks to our clear-headed, sensible brethren with teabags hanging down around their heads, how totally worthless average American workers really are. No wonder our nation has fiscal problems.

Take for example, teachers, firefighters, EMT's, police, janitors, and road maintainence workers (shovel leaners). Although these so-called workers are being paid similar wages as Wall Street hedge fund managers....and the benefits, don't get me reality they are some of the laziest Americans of all.....willing to weigh our entire nation down with their greed and non-productiveness.

I confess, that stuff came as quite a surprise.

Can anyone dare question, then, the New Paul Revere's who have ridden into state governorships to announce a revolution against these Treasury draining loafers? Rightfully....and not a moment too soon....the General Walkers and the Commander Kasichs are stopping the greed-n'-lazy-fest by taking back what teachers, police and others, think belongs to them.

Well, I'm here to tell you that the tax monies which supplies those bloated pensions...those outrageous $46,000 per year salaries.....those Cadillac/Mercedes platinum health plans....don't belong to those freeloaders...

Those tax monies belong to the Koch's, after all, their money.



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