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Believe In The Magic Act

By The Reverend Published: January 24, 2008


The real purpose of the invasion, regime decapitation and subsequent destruction and military occupation of the country of Iraq.....was to establish a permanent United States military presence smack dab in the center of the middle east from which American power could be projected throughout the region.

Other faux reasons were given, sure,.....dangerous weapons, dangerous leaders, complicity with al-Qaeda, about to attack the U.S. or Israel.....however, none of these phony excuses were the real reasons Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld convinced Junior to order the attack and occupation of Iraq. Those phony excuses were for the sake of the unknowing masses.

Of course, none of this is new or news....but the sequence of events surrounding Bush's second act of illusion tagged "the surge", is worth revisiting.

Immediately following the Congressional elections of 2006 when Democrats recaptured both houses, the Bush administration launched a new political blitz upon America in order to maintain the original purpose for invading and occupying Iraq. This is the perspective from whence to understand the fraudulent Illusion called the "surge."

To combat what the White House knew would be a pushback from the newly majoritied Democrats over getting out of Iraq, Bush got rid of Rumsfeld, ignored the bipartisan Baker Report, and came up with the political meme "surge" strategy to be implemented in the Baghdad region by the virginally birthed General David Petreaus.

Instead of "victory" and "democracy blooming in the desert", in 2007, in the face of even the most timid of Democratic oversight threats that the fraud would be exposed, Bush resorted to a political illusion, Rove pulled the strings, Knee Padders enthusiastically closed their eyes and swallowed and something historical, or hysterical, was set adrift on the American sea of myths and legends.

To be totally candid here....the "surge" fraud was pulled off in the same manner and with the same success as the earlier 2002-2003 fraud leading up to the Iraq invasion....and for exactly the same purpose...the purpose of establishing and maintaining a permanent military presence inside Iraq.

So how's that "surge" really working out?.....

First Sgt. Richard Meiers of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division got it exactly right: "We're paying them not to blow us up. It looks good right now, but what happens when the money stops?"

In short, the surge has done nothing to overturn former secretary of state Colin Powell's now-famous "Pottery Barn" rule: Iraq is irretrievably broken, and we own it. To say that any amount of "kicking ass" will make Iraq whole once again is pure fantasy. The U.S. dilemma remains unchanged: continue to pour lives and money into Iraq with no end in sight, or cut our losses and deal with the consequences of failure.

In only one respect has the surge achieved undeniable success: It has ensured that U.S. troops won't be coming home anytime soon. This was one of the main points of the exercise in the first place. As AEI military analyst Thomas Donnelly has acknowledged with admirable candor, "part of the purpose of the surge was to redefine the Washington narrative," thereby deflecting calls for a complete withdrawal of U.S. combat forces. Link

While FOX viewers and Rush listeners got their daily wood by hearing about more Muslim "insurgent's" blood spraying and how Great and Glorious a Warrior General Petreaus was.....below where folks aren't sticking their heads in "faith based" was ethnic cleansing and George W. Bush's new twist on Saddam's old "oil for food" program...this time it was "the satchels of American hundreds for no IED's" program.

Some 800 more American soldiers are in dead.....since the Great and Glorious and Immaculately Conceived General Petreaus began to carry out the last scene of Bush's political magic act. Untold more Iraqis are dead and countless more billions are missing from the U.S. Treasury. The world's countries no longer trust or believe in the American way.

The Illusionist, right in front of our eyes has started long term permanent military negotiations with the puppet Iraqi government, half of whom don't show up for work each day. McCain wants to stay in Iraq 50-100 years. Holy Joe Lieberman concurs. Neo-cons everywhere swoon.

All of this magic work, all this sleight of hand,.... all to get us to look away to some childish and shiny slogan called the "surge", all the while the originally intended caper of never leaving Iraq, of permanently militarizing the country of Iraq with American soldiers, slipped right on by under our noses.

Now the frontrunner for president in the GOP wants to throw down with ANYBODY who denies the success of the Illusion. John McCain says proudly and loudly that he was for the Great Illusion before anyone else was for it. He actually touts that theme as a strong reason to make him the next president.

An original fraud covered over by a magic act. What's, belief in the magic act, the illusion.... has now become a qualification, at least for the GOP and their media, to lead the most powerful country in recorded human history.

And people call me crazy.



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