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Biased Cameras & Microphones

By The Reverend Published: January 21, 2010

Upon claiming his Massachusetts senate seat win Tuesday evening, Scott Brown did what many, many other great warrior, truck driving, leaders have done down the corridors of time.....offered up his daughters...

Immediately, the Tea Party Fact Checkers pointed out that teevee cameras held by "liberal" gotcha guys were exploiting Scott Brown's family Tuesday night.....and that the newly elected senator didn't "really" offer up his daughters. Yep,....those "liberal" cameras had captured completely out-of-context words from Scott Brown and out-of-context images of his family.

Cameras and microphones have long been suspected of having a "liberal" bias.....and this episode only adds to that suspicion.

What Scott Brown actually meant when he said, you know, his "daughters were available"....was that his daughters were available for the Peace Corps, they were available now to serve as volunteers in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. Contextually, any winger can see that that is what Brown meant.

The prime reason that the Tea Party Fact Checkers most likely have the correct interpretation of what Scott Brown really meant when he said his daughters were available is......Sarah Palin.

Yep, Sarah and her family were recorded by "liberal" cameras and know, out of context. It was the ugliest conspiracy of the 2008 election campagn. Cameras captured images of Palin's family during her debate with Joe Biden. Sarah didn't bring all of her family members to that debate for "liberal" cameras and microphones to exploit them. The thought never crossed her mind. Understandably, many Sarah supporters could recognize, immediately, the spinning, twisted images those "liberal" cameras had captured that night. No wonder those same supporters complained so loudly about how badly "media" had treated her.

But now it's happening to Scott Brown, the guy Massachusetts voters pissed on Ted Kennedy's grave to elect. Now, Scott Brown, in one of the most egregious acts of domestic terrorism yet witnessed, has learned an early lesson on his way to Wingnut Orientation Class down in D.C.

What is that lesson?

Rogue, liberal cameras and microphones are our nation's biggest threat. Cameras and microphones, literally, ARE behind every bush.

When, at long last, will the other fearless, truck-driving, warrior-leaders that make up our Protector Class recognize that we are a nation at war?

At war with jihadist cameras and microphones.

At War on Recording.



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