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Bible Prophecy: Glenn Beck Edition

By The Reverend Published: October 14, 2007


Glenn Beck, resident wingnut extraordinaire of CNN, had John Hagee, wingnut evangelist extraordinaire, on his normally extraordinairily wingnutty program Friday evening. The two men spoke about the signs that we are living in the Biblical "End Times". Consider the following to be The Reverend's Sunday School class this week.....

HAGEE: Then -- then the disciples said, "Tell us what the signs will be." The first one that Jesus gave was the sign of deception. Said that you will be living in a time when you should not allow any man to deceive you. Take heed that no man deceive you. And we are living in a world of deception.

BECK: I have -- you know, we were just talking about this today in the office with a couple of my producers. I said, look how the darkness doesn`t understand the light. Look how people can`t even agree on the truth anymore.

HAGEE: Exactly right.

So according to these Biblical crystal ball gazers, when people "can't even agree on the truth anymore"....we are just about to see Jesus do his final separation of the goats from the sheep, after raising tribulation hell first.

But then I had to get out my circular saw to cut the unintended irony of these "End Dayers" when they said this....

BECK: Do you believe that global warming is a possible sign?

HAGEE: I don`t believe in global warming.

BECK: You don`t believe the earth is getting warmer?


BECK: Really?


BECK: No changes?


Let us stand for the benediction.



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