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Biden Sums Up GOP Convention

By The Reverend Published: September 7, 2008

Karl Rove Republicans pride themselves on the concept that THEY, Republicans, create reality. Of course, what Karl meant was that cynical practitioners of the arts of deception, like him, would create a perception of reality to confuse and distort Americans' understanding of what the Bush-Cheney White House was actually know.... the "real" reality....which under GOP rule has been rather ugly, divisive and destructive.

Joe Biden is pointing that truth out in the above video. Through 3 days of a political convention, nothing of substance interesting to the middle class and working families was brought up or discussed. In an election with the number one concern of voters being the economy....nothing was offered by the GOP except more tax cuts for the rich.

What was offered up was "creating reality". Gushing biographies of Republicans....passing babies around....9-11 videos of and bitter mockery and personal assaults on Obama....the next Teddy Roosevelt in a skirt....BUT nothing on how to get out of the f*cking mess the GOP! has gotten America into.

Diversion, distraction, deception. That's today's GOP and their strategy. If a GOP woman has to exploit her own vulnerable children to add to the diversion, distraction and be it. It's all about 'winning' matter what shameless means have to be used.

Here's Obama on the "say anything" Sarah Palin....

"I know the governor of Alaska has been saying she's change, and that's great," Obama said. "She's a skillful politician. But, you know, when you've been taking all these earmarks when it's convenient, and then suddenly you're the champion anti-earmark person, that's not change. Come on! I mean, words mean something, you can't just make stuff up." Link

To Republicans seeking to deceive....words have no meaning and very obviously, as we see with Palin's earmark confusion(?), if you are a Republican, you CAN just make stuff up. Mushroom clouds, anyone?



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