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Big Media Have Christie's Back

By The Reverend Published: January 21, 2014

One thing is clear now about the Chris Christie scandal investigation. Big Corporate Media have Christie's back.

First let me explain why this is the case.

Election 2016.

The Republican Party, despite claims to the contrary by it's most prominent spokespeople, is no longer popular enough with the American people to elect a candidate to the presidency. Establishment Republicans know that Tea Party celebrities like Cruz, Rubio or Paul are, at best, marginal candidates for the Oval Office. Not-electable, I think they call it.

Other than dusting off the still-tainted Bush name.....the only "electable" candidate on the GOP, 2016 horizon is the New Jersey governor, Christie. He leads a blue state, he says he works with his political opponents to get stuff accomplished, he is sufficiently authoritarian in his leadership style and he can raise a lot of money from those who control our nation.

But the biggest reason corporate "news" show producers and newspaper editors love themselves a whole lotta Christie is because the Governor is more than willing to offer the "tough talk" that our coddled and dependent citizens need right now.

Christie's keynote speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention, the part that wasn't all about Chris Christie, was all about cutting entitlements, reducing worker pensions, bashing unions,....and cutting taxes on the powerful and wealthy. Go read the speech.

Point being here that Christie's speech, as well as his behavior as New Jersey governor, proved to corporate media honchos that he was a Serious guy. Any would-be political leader who analyzes our national economic situation....high unemployment, high poverty rates, slave minimum wage rates, a booming and record setting stock market, and a Gilded Age income and wealth disparity gap....and can angrily blame the victims of such a Serous candidate to the Village.

That is why when Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor Dawn Zimmer did this....

Hoboken, N.J. Mayor Dawn Zimmer met with federal prosecutors Sunday afternoon, a day after accusing Gov. Chris Christie's (R) allies of threatening to withhold hurricane relief money unless the mayor approved a real estate project that the governor wanted.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger reported that Zimmer, a Democrat, met with lawyers for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Newark and provided them with documents, including a copy of her journal. The prosecutors, according to Zimmer, asked for the meeting.

.....MSNBC's Joe and Mika immediately attacked Mayor Zimmer first thing Monday morning. Here's the "progressive" Mika's tweet....

“I don’t know if she’s telling the truth. I’m not convinced” Video clip of the Morning Blow team going after Zimmer is here.

Mayor Zimmer said she would take a lie detector test to prove she is telling the truth, something Governor Christie has not had the courage to offer.

The issue of whether Christie has been lying is settled in my mind already. He is....lying. I've researched all available material on the BridgeGate story.....and will continue to do so.....but as of today, there's no way that Chris Christie didn't know what his employees and appointees were up to when they snarled traffic for four days just because they could.

But like most narcissists, Christie also thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Where Nixon failed, Christie thinks he can succeed. Perhaps he will.....but I highly doubt it. Nixon failed and he didn't serve during the digital communication age.

The hustlers for the powerful are working overtime to change the subject, just like they did when the story of a GOP government shutdown was quickly smothered by ZOMG...a "troubled" website rollout.

The latest meme being replicated in news stories and on teevee programs is that Democrats....usually stated as "liberals".....are "overreaching" with BridgeGate. Have you heard that one? Sure you have....and if you haven't yet, you will. You see, when Republicans shut down government, purposely do harm to the economy, falsify and manipulate "evidence" in authentic political witchhunts like the IRS non-scandal and the Benghazi non-scandal, and go on for months doing so.....they are described by Villagers as simply conducting proper oversight and offering alternatives.

When any Democrats, or progressives, write or talk about the myriad of inconsistencies and impossible scenarios in Christie's explanation of BridgeGate.....a crime that endangered many New Jersey citizens.....when anyone vows she is telling the truth about Christie's attempted political shakedown....then those Democrats are "overreaching."

Look for corporate media to expand their use of the phrase, Democratic "overreach" the closer we get to evidence of Christie's culpability in BridgeGate.

Proving once again that national "journalism" is but the designated communication division of the rich and powerful.



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