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Big-Money Sock Puppets

By The Reverend Published: April 4, 2009

The Senate has a working rule which allows for one senator to put a hold on nominations to office requiring senatorial consent. Senate majority leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), doesn't have any problem honoring and respecting those holds....just as long as those holds are done by these....

March 18, 2009....

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today voted 17-5 to approve the nomination of David Hayes as Interior deputy secretary. But Sen Bob Bennett (R-UT) plans to put a hold on the nomination:

Bennett said he is unhappy with Hayes' responses to questions about Utah oil and gas leases that the Obama administration has canceled.
Bennett will attempt to block the nomination despite a plea by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar yesterday to approve nominees as quickly as possible. Bennett said answers he has been given so far as to why Salazar canceled the leases "simply don't cut it."

"I don't think I'm getting straight answers, and until I do, I cannot vote to move this nomination forward," Bennett said.

One GOP senator is blocking Tammy Duckworth's nomination to the VA .....via the Huffington Post....

A Republican senator has delayed President Barack Obama's nomination of Tammy Duckworth, an injured Iraq war helicopter pilot, to be an assistant secretary at the Veterans Affairs Department.

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee didn't vote on the nomination Thursday because North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr asked that the panel hold off. Burr, the top Republican on the committee, wants Duckworth and the White House to answer some of his questions. Burr's spokesman, David Ward, would not say on Friday what the questions concerned.

But what if a non-Republican senator tries to put a hold on a nomination? What does Harry Reid do then?....

Via John Cole...

This is a prime example of how flush corporations have control of both parties. While Republican Senators, Bennett and Burr, are welcomed with open arms to obstruct and delay Obama nominees......Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), concerned about the past corporate coziness of Obama nominee, Gary Gensler, to head the Commodities Futures Trading Commisssion, is simply ignored by majority leader, Harry Reid.

Other than the total corruption of our corporate-whore, propaganda spewing main media, the strangle hold over our political process by corporate titans is the nation's most dangerous and pressing problem.

Obama is not pure here, either. Not by a long shot. With the huge banking interests, Obama has taken a 'we'll work within the system', kind of approach, instead of a 'total reform and restructuring' approach.

The very reason Californians got so screwed during Enron's hey-day was because of still-existing loopholes in regulating bets on future commodities pricing. The very reason everyone got so screwed during the $4 per gallon of gasoline days was because of the lack of sane control over betting on the future cost of crude oil. In both cases, "the market", was manipulated.

Now, the guy who wrote those original rules that resulted in all the screwing, has not only been nominated by Obama to head the commodities regulatory agency,...but also, Harry Reid won't respect Senator Bernie Sanders' hold on that nomination when Reid has respected Republican holds on other Obama nominations.

Perhaps big-corporate control of America has gotten so out of hand over the last 30 years.....that it's now irreversible.



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