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Bill Is Only A Plus To Hillary's Presidency

By The Reverend Published: October 11, 2007


It has been interesting to me to observe how the media mob, for the most part, has tried their best to portray Bill Clinton's role in his wife's campaign to be president, as a negative issue. Night after night, I have listened to the usual Knee Pad suspects go on and on about how Bill's presence in the White House with a Hillary presidency would be a bad thing that Americans just couldn't suffer.

These millionaire media people, of course, gravitate naturally to GOP candidates because GOP'ers hand out tax breaks for millionaires. So it's all understandable.

But is any of this "Bill is a drag on Hillary" even close to being true?

Former president Bill Clinton has emerged as a clear asset in his wife's campaign for the White House, with Americans offering high ratings to his eight years in office and a solid majority saying they would be comfortable with him as first spouse, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Even within the Post article, however, elitist Knee Pad make-believe is found...

....after the political and personal turbulence that occurred during his two terms in the White House, there have been persistent questions about whether the nation is eager for what could amount to a third Clinton presidential term.

Who has been asking those "persistent questions"? It sure as hell hasn't been, like, American voters. They have always approved of Bill Clinton....

Two-thirds of Americans said they approve of the job he did while he was in office -- virtually the reverse of President Bush's current approval rating, which stands at 33 percent. Clinton remains overwhelmingly popular among Democrats, and 63 percent of independents and even a third of Republicans also gave him positive marks. Link

But inside The Village that is Washington, Knee Padders (and there are many) continue to pose questions, "persistent questions", that nobody raises but them, and which everybody but them, already know the correct answer to. Where are the "persistent" questioners? Aren't these "persistent" questioners really only the folks Knee Padders see in the mirror in the morning?

Bill Clinton, despite 8 relentless years of right wing lunatic media mouthfoaming and 8 relentless years of The Village's obsession with meaningless trivialities and nonsense, still has a 2/3rds favorability rating with Americans.

Note to dumb-ass media people. How else could a wildly popular ex-president affect his wife's potential presidency,.....except positively?

After the primaries are over and Hillary and Rudy take total aim at one another....the Knee Pad people will do two things.

One....they will focus almost entirely on inconsequential cleavage and reviewing Monicagate, etc....and two...they will do their best to insist to already-convinced-otherwise Americans that Bill will be a detriment to America if Hillary is elected.

If will not be true, of course, just as it is not true now. But that's not the story the serious and solemn insiders who wear Knee Pads and scribble nonsense will tell us.

The story that should be told is one in which a totally popular ex-president would be able to help America exactly where Junior has hurt America the most.... with the rest of the world's countries. It will take decades, probably, to undo the clustermess that the neo-con criminals will leave behind. Bill Clinton can effectively jump-start that process.

Having Bill Clinton in the White House alongside Hillary as president can only be a good thing. By Americans as well as by the world.

Perhaps, with Bill and Hillary in the White House, the rest of civilization will come to believe once again, as they should, that the Bush neo-con maniac years were only an American aberration. Something that the two thirds of Americans who still support Bill Clinton have known for years.



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