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Bill Passage Afterglow

By The Reverend Published: March 23, 2010

*With this post today, The Reverend will have published his 1000th blog post here at the Blog of Mass Destruction. Thanks go out to for giving me the opportunity 2 1/2 years ago....and to all who read and comment here.

The health care reform legislation has passed. President Obama, whose primary domestic campaign promise in 2008 was comprehensive national health care reform, will sign the bill into law today.

I cannot improve upon Paul Krugmann's large-picture take on health care reform passing, which is reprinted in today's Akron Beacon Journal. Take the time to read what the NY Times columnist says about the two visions of America as revealed in the words, and now actions, of Barack Obama....contrasted against the words of conservative bellower, Newt Gingrich.

If Democrats pass health reform, (Gingrich said) ''They will have destroyed their party much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years'' by passing civil rights legislation.

Same ole' Newtie.

Same ole' Republican Party.

Those who read here regularly know that I predicted a long time ago that if health care reform passed it would not include a public option, nor would it allow for bulk discount purchasing by government or reimportation rights for individual citizens seeking to purchase pharmaceuticals. And so it is. I also said months ago, at the time of the Great and Mighty Election of

President Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), that IF a bill did actually pass, it wouldn't be until around March of 2010. Lucky guess.

But what will that health care reform has passed in America?

As in all versions of all issues or events in the U.S. today.....there are two totally distinct versions of what is coming next. Conservatives and Republicans.....knowing full well there is not a chance in hell they can do such a thing.....have promised to make the upcoming November midterm elections about "repealing" health care reform.

Even if Republicans rally their fable-believing, gullible, and often hatefully bigoted, Tea Partyers to vote for their 'just-say-no' asses....even if, in a perfect storm type election, Republicans somehow recapture Congress....they will still not have enough votes to override an Obama veto.

And think about much political headway will Republican candidates make campaigning on taking health coverage away from children with pre-existing conditions? How much success will Republicans have attracting voters while promising to reinstate the gloriously deceptive "donut hole" for seniors?

Republicans have put all their political "just say no" eggs in one large obstructionistic basket.....and I'm here to tell them today.....the bottom of that basket has just given way. So, good luck putting Humpty Dumpty back together.

And a special good luck to states like Idaho and Virginia, who believe, wrongly, that states can stop health care reform from being enacted in their states. May god bless.....because there is no chance in hell that any state will be successful in such a pathetic endeavor.

What about corporate-whore media, who did everything in their power to help obstructionistic Republicans derail health care reform,.....what will they do now that health reform has been passed?

Yesterday, Chuck Todd, a rising Villager star for NBC and MSNBC, pointed the way forward for a rotted media industry intent on returning conservatives-who-cut-taxes-for-the-wealthiest, back into power. Take a look....note the question at about the 1:20 mark....

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Set aside Chuck Todd's almost hostile demeanor with David Axelrod for a moment.....and consider the question....

Todd: What lessons have you guys learned in this process? What would you have done differently?

Axelrod: It's always hard when things go your way to look back and say I would have done this or that and so on.

That's what a stealth bitchslap looks like.

Now think along with me here.....Democrats, after a year long Village-media circus presentation helping Republicans delay and delay the vote.....PASSED health care reform legislation. Health reform did not get DEFEATED. That reality prompted Villager numbnutz, Chuck Todd, to ask Axelrod the question...."What would you have done differently?"

That's what's called a disconnect.

Chuck Todd also interviewed House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer (D-MD) yesterday. Here's one of Todd's questions about the fall midterm election....

"Are you going to lose more Democrats who voted no on health care or more Democrats who voted yes?"

Which was followed by this question....

"If you lose the majority this year....was it worth it?"

That is VillageSpeak. Todd, because he is very, very Serious.....unlike Unserious Cheetos-eating bloggers......insists on framing the passage of health care reform as a LOSS, a DEFEAT for Democrats.

That will, I predict, become the new post health care reform passage Village paradigm. Compromised corporate and conservative media hacks will badger every Democrat with questions which assume that health care reform passage is a big negative, a big downer.....not only for the Democratic Party but for America as well.

The same stench-filled media coverage we saw last year with the wall-to-wall blanketing of townhall bustups and bigotry-inspired Tea Party shindigs.....will only continue. Last year, corrupt media members insisted that Tea Party nuts and townhall-buster-uppers were evidence that Americans didn't really want Obama to be president. This year, the same media Villagers will repeatedly tell American viewers that passing health care reform was a big mistake which Democrats will 'pay for' this November.



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