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Bipartisan Irresponsibility

By The Reverend Published: November 4, 2010

I would venture to say that if President Obama is convicted in an impeachment trial before a majority GOP senate in 2015, convicted of being president while being a Democrat,....he will offer an olive branch of bipartisanship to his Republican convictors as he's being led away by the bailiffs.

Obama is one bipartisanship-loving president.

So it came as no surprise, yesterday, when Obama said this....

"[M]y goal is to sit down with Speaker-elect Boehner and Mitch McConnell and Harry and Nancy sometime in the next few weeks and see where we can move forward in a way that, first of all, does no harm; that extends those tax cuts that are very important for middle-class families; also extends those provisions that are important to encourage businesses to invest, and provide businesses some certainty over the next year or two," Obama said. "And how that negotiation works itself out I think is too early to say. But this is going to be one of my top priorities, and my hope is, is that given we all have an interest in growing the economy and encouraging job growth, that we're not going to play brinksmanship but instead we're going to act responsibly."

Hope in one hand and defecate in the other....and see which hand fills up faster.

Let's review this hope of bipartisan responsibility, this bong-hit dream that Obama keeps having.

2 Maine Republican senators would not agree to vote for more money in the 2009 stimulus bill....$1.2 trillion rather than $800 billion......arguing it was just too much money to borrow. Because of Snowe and Collins, two votes which could have prevented a stimulus altogether, 1/3 of the stimulus bill was watered down with non-stimulative tax cuts....the calculation by the GOP at the time was that those two more moderate Maine Republicans could stand the heat from Maine voters if they went along with Obama, while they simultaneously worked furiously to make the stimulus bill weaker so Obama could claim no successes. Rushbo had already issued his decree.

The rest of the Republicans simply flipped Obama the bipartisan bird.

Remember, when it comes to Republicans and discussion of the stimulus, the Republicans biggest complaint is still how much money was borrowed.

Today, those same Republicans who flipped the bipartisan bird to Obama over too much borrowing and spending in the stimulus.....a bill which Republicans worked to first water down before allowing it to be passed.....are now ready, willing and able (with Obama's bipartisan help) to add $4 trillion to the national debt, all through borrowing. All to create jobs, of course, right?

Don't be silly.

Republicans couldn't muster up enough patriotism to vote to create jobs and save jobs in 2009. Republicans refused to borrow and spend $800 billion on reinforcing a collapsing economy which seemed on the verge of cascading further downward. But now, Republicans are ready, willing, and excited to borrow $4 trillion to spend on subsidizing tax payers.

Often, when this obvious contradiction has to be confronted by conservatives, they will play the silly children's game of "it's their money in the first place, so Republicans are just giving Americans back their money." It's all so tedious and silly....but that's the game inevitably played by those whose arguments are contradictory.

When taxes are withheld from your paycheck....the amount withheld is not your money. It is the government's. When you go into McDonalds and pay for something you ordered, do you tell the cashier that you want what you ordered AND your money back too, because it was YOUR money to start with?

Long and short....There is no doubt in my mind that Obama will fold like a cheap suit over this 'extending the Bush tax cuts' issue. Why? Because Obama lusts after creating the perception that he is bipartisan. I suppose he thinks looking bipartisan now will help him in 2012. A fool's calculation.

The worst part of what will happen in the short term, as Bipartisan Barack seeks re-election, will come with Obama's Deficit Commission report, due out soon. At the same time that Bipartisan Barack and his newly baptized Bipartisan Republican buddies are "moving forward" borrowing and spending $4 trillion on tax cuts...they will be telling the American people that we just can't afford Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid....and that those "entitlements" must be cut.

Sure, it will all be bipartisan....irresponsibly bipartisan.....and incoherently contradictory....but it will make the legs of the Asshats in the Village tingle in bipartisan ecstasy.....and Republicans will get what they wanted.

Everything will be in it's proper place in the cosmos.



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