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Bipartisanship Breaks Out In The Senate

By The Reverend Published: January 29, 2010

Here is fresh proof from a vote in the Senate yesterday that Republicans really took Obama's SOTU message to heart. Republican Senators, after reflecting Soberly and Seriously on what Obama had to say Wednesday night about Democrats and Republicans working together for the sake of the American people.....broke through their bipartisan funk and voted on Pay-Go Thursday morning.

Pay-Go is basically an agreement assuring that legislation is paid for as it's passed.

Pay-Go, it would seem, would be right up the Republicans' fiscal responsibility and fiscal accountability alley. Since Obama took office, Republicans have been very, very loud and vocal criticizing the Big Democratic Spenders....who, they say, are socializing everything that moves and not paying for any of it.

Trillions of ones and zeroes have been expended in the conservative blogosphere railing against Obama and the Democrat's profligate's always profligate...always. To hear conservatives and Republicans.....overspending, deficit spending, the national debt....are our worst enemies as a country....and they alone, conservatives and Republicans....are the only folks who have the courage and "common sense" to rein in government spending.

So, yesterday, fically responsible, adult Republican Senators had a chance to put their best Fiscal Serious foot forward and vote along with a Democratic proposal for the Congress to pay for legislation as it's passed. Pay-Go.

How did those GOP Senators vote on Pay-Go? Not a trick question. I mean, surely, the Fiscally Serious and Responsible, Non-Big Gub'mint Spenders would want to assure that no more is added to the deficit and national debt....I mean right? Republicans have to now satisfy the TeaBagger movement to get re-elected....and the Baggers are nothing if they aren't opposed to Big Profligate Democratic Government Spending.

So how did those Serious Republican Senators vote yesterday on Pay-Go?

All 40 Republican Senators voted AGAINST Pay-Go. 40 GOP Senators voted "no" paying for legislation as it's passed in Congress. 60 Democrats and Independents voted for Pay-Go.

Please.....some Republican, some conservative.....explain to me the brilliant thinking by Republican Senators here. If there is an explanation.....other than, "we want Democrats and Obama to fail at everything".....I sure would like to know what it is.

On a side note, the Akron Beacon Journal editorial page writers still have a crush on Ohio's own Republican Senator George Voinovich....who is retiring this year. The ABJ editorial writers often attribute fiscal common sense to Voinovich. To ABJ editorial writers, Voinovich is Serious, a Protector of Fiscal Responsibility, a champion for lowering deficits and lowering our national debt. A Sober and Serious Republican Senator.

George Voinovich, as Serious and as Fiscally responsible as he is, joined with the other 39 Very Serious Protectors of America's Treasury....and voted NO against Pay-Go.

Remind me again why it is that Republicans are the Party of fiscal responsibility......cause, you know, I can't remember.



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