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Blackwater USA: The New Dramatic Series

By The Reverend Published: September 26, 2007


Just think how large Tony Soprano's criminal kingdom could have become if he had hired Blackwater mercenaries to do some of his dirtier work. And Tony would have been able to forego the analyst sessions too if he would have just outsourced the uglier George W. Bush does. Privatizing your thugs always leads to a clear conscience. The Decider "sleeps fine" with his mercenary murderers doing the grunt work over in Iraq. No worries.

One thing for sure.....the State Department's warning to Blackwater to keep their files and mouths shut about anything to do with Iraq is straight out of Big Tony Soprano's Mob Book.

A confrontation between the U.S. military and the State Department is unfolding over the involvement of Blackwater USA in the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad square Sept. 16, bringing to the surface long-simmering tensions between the military and private security companies in Iraq, according to U.S. military and government officials.


"This is a nightmare," said a senior U.S. military official. "We had guys who saw the aftermath, and it was very bad. This is going to hurt us badly. It may be worse than Abu Ghraib, and it comes at a time when we're trying to have an impact for the long term." The official was referring to the prison scandal that emerged in 2004 in which U.S. soldiers tortured and abused Iraqis.


"This is a big mess that I don't think anyone has their hands around yet," said another U.S. military official. "It's not necessarily a bad thing these guys are being held accountable. Iraqis hate them, the troops don't particularly care for them, and they tend to have a know-it-all attitude, which means they rarely listen to anyone -- even the folks that patrol the ground on a daily basis." Link

What is Condi's State Department saying about all this?

The State Department official, Kiazan Moneypenny, wrote Blackwater VP Fred Roitz to "advise" him of Blackwater's obligations under the terms of State's contract. Among them: "all documents and records (including photographs) generated during the performance of work under this contract shall be for the sole use of and become the exclusive property of the U.S. government." These obligations, according to the contract, exist in perpetuity -- not just until the contract expires. As a result, Moneypenny told Roitz to make "no disclosure of documents or information generated under [the contract] unless such disclosure has been authorized in writing by the Contract Officer." Link

Seems pretty clear to me. The Bush Mob, in this case the Condi Rice family at State, is threatening Blackwater, trying to convince the company not to rat out ANY information on the Larger Mob Family in D.C.

Henry Waxman, with his House Oversight Committee, wants to hear directly from Blackwater concerning their "questionable" behaviour in Iraq.

In a letter today to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Waxman pointed out that State has no authority to compel Blackwater to obstruct a congressional investigation -- unless President Bush is prepared to say that the terms of Blackwater's contracts or its operational doctrine is covered under executive privilege. A State Department congressional liaison will "attempt to reverse" the department's position, but Waxman seems unconvinced.

The Reverend wonders who will get whacked in the next episode.

And did you catch the "worse than Abu Ghraib" part. Winning those Arab hearts and minds again.

And oh yeah, privatizing the military was just a swell idea, don't you think?. Tony Soprano had to outsource some of his dirtier work too. Thugs, whether in Jersey or in D.C., must always be mindful to put distance between themselves and their hired trigger men. Plausible deniability and all.



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