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Blaming Poor For Crimes of Rich

By The Reverend Published: April 11, 2012

Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Wonderboy...

“Let’s take those principles of welfare reform that were extremely successful in getting people out of lives of dependency and back on their feet,” Ryan said. His plan would turn the funding for federal programs like food stamps and housing assistance into block grants… States would then set work requirements and time limits for the benefits.

“This is a path that we believe reignites and renews the American idea,” Ryan said. “It reclaims the opportunity society with a safety net, which we do believe must exist for people who cannot help themselves, for people who are down on their luck, so they can get back on their feet.”

“But we don’t want to turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency, that drains them of their will and their incentive to make the most of their lives.”

Let me state right up front....Paul Ryan is a phony. Despite corrupt corporate media's puppy-love affair with the Wisconsin matter the number of valentine's written to Ryan by conservative media members....Paul Ryan is a phony. Ryan, like all Republicans, doesn't give one good goddamn about deficits and debt. You can believe the words which come out of their mouths, or you can believe their actions, their votes in Congress. Most of the Republicans in Congress this very minute voted along with their GOP colleagues to double the national debt during the 00's by refusing to pay for an enormous increase in government spending...while simultaneously cutting taxes. Even though a kind of national media amnesia set in immediately following January 20, 2009.....even amnesia cannot wipe away history.

Republican Party members have never been opposed to federal deficits and fact, when Republicans have controlled the federal government, and especially the presidency, they have been, by far, the biggest deficit and debt expansioners of modern American history. Dick Cheney once famously told Paul O'Neil that "deficits don't matter, Reagan proved that"......and he wasn't kidding. Deficits do not matter to Republicans.....with only one exception. Deficits matter to Republicans if a Democrat sits in the White House. Only exception.

So, please, spare me the 'Republicans and Paul Ryan are deficit and debt hawks' baloney....because that's all it is. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Republicans care deeply about high national deficits and debt....and there really never has been any evidence.

Contrary to what the phony deficit hawk, Paul Ryan says about "welfare reform".....the welfare-to-work program which Bill Clinton, forever to his shame, signed into not working all that well for, you know, the poor people who need help. How do you transition a poor person from no work to a job, when there aren't enough jobs? Oh, we're sorry....we didn't factor in the probability of filthy rich banksters gambling our unemployment rate up to nearly 10%.

To guys like Ryan....phonies, political actors pretending to care.....a person who receives $130+ dollars per month in food stamp assistance has been "lulled to sleep" in his "hammock of dependency." Using all that money just to eat for the month is a total waste, according to Ryan, when that person, if he wasn't so goddamn "complacent", could go out there with his "able body" and try to land that single job which four others are trying to land. Hey, good luck and may god bless....but no matter, it's better than being on that "hammock."

Which brings me to Paul Ryan's new-but-not-improved Republican budget. Ryan would have us believe that cutting federal revenues by $4.6 trillion over the next ten years by lowering tax rates to new historic lows lower than George W. Bush's historically low tax rates......combined with mammoth discretionary spending cuts and a partial privatization of block granting Medicaid....and INCREASING defense the way to deal with our oh-so-out-of-control deficit and debt. All that would be left would be the defense department and skeletons where Social Security and Medicare once stood.

Ryan, like Mitt Romney, refuses to identify any tax code loopholes he would close in order to make up for the $4.6 trillion in lost revenue.....but Ryan and Romney do not have to identify any loopholes because both men believe in voodoo capitalism. Supply side, trickle down economics....where all advantages, tax breaks and regulatory reprieves are handed to our nation's already-rich....and then.....voila!....more federal revenues come in than were given away to the powerful. That is the stuff of fairy tale books, not serious deficit reduction. As Obama said...."This is supposed to be a deficit reduction plan? It's laughable."

We've heard that a rising tide lifts all which The Reverend asks.....what the hell does any of that that have to do with economics? We've learned over the past number of years that, no.....just because the rich get richer doesn't equate to the not-rich becoming better off. Americans who are not rich have seen their purchasing power decline at the same time that the rich have gotten richer. In other ain't called voodoo for no reason.

Finally, pull back the camera lens, and take a wider shot of what's happened over the past four years since the bankster caper. It's, literally, breathtaking. Extremely low capital gains and income tax rates on America's richest have failed to increase employment over the last ten years. Deregulation of America's paper shuffling con artists in the financial industry has resulted in the second worst national economic collapse in American history. BUT....Ryan, Romney and the Republicans, with corporate media noses firmly planted up their behinds,...are placing the blame for their failed voodoo policies onto the backs of the poor, the disadvantaged, the elderly, the uninsured, the children, college students and women.

It's the boldest attempt at illusion since David Copperfield disappeared the Statue of Liberty.



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