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Blind Leading Blind

By The Reverend Published: July 23, 2010

You simply have to love it.

Today's below-the-fold Beacon reprint of the NY Times' Sheryl Gay Stohlberg's piece entitled:

"Racial politics ensnare Obama"


"First black president again finds himself dealing with criticism."


The predictable, yet maddening, finger pointing at everyone except who was responsible for the premeditated deception of the Shirley Sherrod yet another example of how dishonest and biased our rotted and cockroach infested national media has become.

The Shirley Sherrod story was a hateful, racist scam perpetrated quickly and efficiently by Andrew Breitbart and Fox News-That-Isn't. Breitbart admitted that he had the now infamously edited tape "for awhile." He was waiting for the right opportunity to spring his scam tape upon a doofus main media in order to cause the most damage to Obama and/or Democrats.

If you read Stolberg's piece, though, you wouldn't know anything about the involvement of Andrew Breitbart and Fox News-That-Isn't in the story.

And that IS the story.

Corporate media doesn't report stories anymore. They report how stories damage Democratic presidents. They don't tell you the who, what and why....not their job, really....they only tell you how the untold and unexplained story hurts a new black president.

Stolberg begins her piece by recalling the year old story of Professor Gates arrest.

"Suddenly, the president whose election suggested the promise of a post-racial future was thrust into the wounds of the past.

Not much has changed."

Who was it that "suggested" Obama's presidency would bring "the promise of a post-racial future?" Not Obama. He has said that talk like that was naive. It was the same media who today are criticizing the wrong person in the Sherrod story....they did the "suggesting."

Here's all that the NY Times writer includes in the Beacon reprint today to help the reader understand what this is all about....

Shirley Sherrod, a black Agriculture Department official who was dismissed based on a video clip of remarks — taken out of context

No matter how hard his White House tries to keep the issue from defining his presidency, it keeps popping back up, fueled in part by high expectations from the left for the first black president, and in part by tactical opposition politics on the right.

That's it. The rest is pearl clutching over Obama's failure to convince all racial groups in America to love each other.

The Breitbart video was purposely edited to slander Ms. Sherrod. There was no "taken out of context." None. The video was selectively edited to leave the perception of a lie....ON PURPOSE. That was the whole point in Breitbart's timing in releasing the video.

"tactical opposition politics on the right" god. Fox News-That-Isn't, the GOP cable channel, was the first and the most frenzied in "reporting" on the slanderously edited video. Fox's job was to quickly circulate the scam.....properly condemn Sherrod, and Obama, call for her immediate resignation, and whirlwind enough pearl clutching faux-concern to get the other media scum to help them replicate the slander. The other media did their part.

That's not "tactical opposition politics on the right"....whatever the f*ck Stolberg's intended meaning was.

What it assault with a pre-planned slanderous weapon of racial hate and division. Andrew Breitbart knew exactly what he was doing. So did Fox. Both have had extensive experience in deception and lying.
Van Jones, ACORN, Professor Gates, the New Black Panthers, and now, Shirley Sherrod.

If you are Sheryl Stolberg of the NY Times, what you see similar in all those stories is that "racial politics are ensnaring Obama."

What is really similar in those stories is that all the targets of the stories are BLACK. What is similar in these stories is that Fox either began their circulation, or drummed them into the ground through repetition. What is similar in the ACORN and Sherrod stories is intentional fraud.....from start to finish.

A clear story of organized white Fox gangbanging of blacks linked to Obama, a clear story of intended deception through editing by the racist, Breitbart......has been turned into a manufactured story about Obama, "again find(ing) himself dealing with criticism."

Same old conservative media sh*t.

The NY Times, let's not forget, was the paper that volunteered to spread the Bush-Cheney lies which led to the needless deaths of hundreds of what's a few career and racist smears?

Here's the real and be informed...must see...

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