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By The Reverend Published: October 23, 2008

Recently, a conservative commenter took the time, in a lengthy comment, to list quite a few objections to an Obama presidency. I appreciate this commenter's efforts. This is America.....where freedom to express ourselves is guaranteed. Before I address those objections.....let me first tell you about my experience yesterday with the conservative Ohio website, "Weapons of Mass Discussion", hosted by one, Matt Farley.

On the Ohio Politics site, many daily Ohio blog postings are listed in order of posting every day. Silly me....I actually read quite a few of these. When I am so moved....I leave comments. Great opportunity for engagement, etc. I particularly enjoy "Writes Like She Talks", Jill Miller Zimon's site.... and oftentimes I read "Weapons of Mass Discussion", Matt Farley's site. I have left comments on both sites. Yesterday, I found that Mr. Farley had blocked The Reverend from leaving any more comments. It's difficult for me to grasp the mindset of Mr. Farley.....he labels his site, "Weapons of Mass Discussion", yet, I guess, he has no intention of "mass discussing" much of anything. At least if that "mass discussion" involves any progressives, you know, like me.

Here at "Blog of Mass Destruction", The Reverend welcomes all commenters. Why would I do such a silly thing as block commenters from commenting? Isn't that, like, the point? Engaging readers, getting their opinion, giving opportunity to vent, to disagree...or whatever. That's the America I know.
I have no idea what America Mr. Farley knows.

Okay, enough of that.

My commenter friend, averagejoe5, set forth his case for not voting for Obama. I want to atempt to respond to a few of his objections to Obama.

averagejoe says that "the media, the bloggers, the Congressional leaders...are lying and refuse to tell the truth to the American people." averagejoe includes in this "refusal to tell the truth"....Obama's associates, where Obama's money is coming from, the Iraq "surge", lower gas prices and lifting the drilling ban, Obama accusing the military of killing innocents, and Obama and his "gang o'thugs dividing America by race and hurting the progress of women.

Obama's associates.
The senator has answered all the questions surrounding Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and Tony Rezko. For some unknown reason, many on the right still believe that the media is covering for some nefarious and sinister connections between Obama and these three men. The truth is that if, in fact, there was something to this line of thought....FOX, Rush, Laura, and the legion of right-wingers in the media would have been able to make a case that would stick. They haven't. It's not because of some conspiracy to hide bad stuff about's because there isn't anything there.

Obama's money source.
Obama now has over 3 million individual donors. The average donation to the Obama campaign is $86. Those 3 million plus donors actually BELIEVE in Obama's candidacy. Literally, this amazing number is democracy at it's best. Not a couple hundred huge access-seeking corporate donors but 3 million plus individuals who believe Obama's plan for America is the right plan. The Republican candidate could have done the same thing. He didn't.

Iraq and the surge.
The Anbar Awakening, Sadr calling off the violence, suitcases full of American cash handed out monthly to former trouble makers, and the ethnic cleansing of Sunnis in and around Baghdad are the authentic reasons why violence has been diminished in the Occupied Territory of Iraq. Yes, "clear and hold" tactics are fine and our soldiers are great and question....however the military tactic known as the surge is not the main reason why violence in Iraq has gone down and Iraqi political reconciliation, the objective of said surge, has still not happened. In addition, the American people rank the economy as their number one concern now, while Iraq has fallen to third or fourth place. There isn't a conspiracy by the media to silence Iraq talk.... Americans want to hear about the economy, jobs and health care more.

Gas prices.
This one is a pet peeve of mine. Contrary to standard supply and demand principles, a number of months ago crude oil prices almost reached $150 per barrel, resulting in $4+ prices for gasoline. World demand had not doubled, not even close. Instead, unregulated commodities traders gamed the system artificially driving up the price of crude. The reason? Because they could. Think Enron and their electricity price manipulation. Because this roller coaster pricing was not based on market fundamentals, a bubble formed....just like the bubble. Secondly, the world has entered a recessionary period this year. America used 8% less gasoline last month than a year ago. World demand is down. The artificially inflated bubble is now deflating. $66 per barrel yesterday. Enriched commodities traders are taking their profits while they can...just like with any typical Ponzi scheme. The announcement of lifting a ban on American offshore drilling has nothing to do with any of it. Geologists tell us that there isn't enough untapped oil in America to make any kind of market difference. T. Boone says we can't drill our way out of this problem. Drill, baby, drill is purely a political slogan containing no reality-based credibility.

Accusing the military.
Bill Maher said recently that "they" don't hate us because of our freedom, but, instead, because of our "airstrikes." Without question, our military has killed thousands of innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq. Entire bridal parties, households of women and children, etc. It's simply a fact. While I agree, and so does Obama, that we must bring the 9-11 folks to justice, there is a smart way and a dumb way to accomplish that task. Just as John Kerry said 4 years ago, we need to fight smarter. Leaving Iraq and focusing on a smarter strategy to get the 9-11 folks in Afghanistan and Pakistan is what Obama intends to do.

Race and women.
Without progressives in America, blacks would still be enslaved and women would still have no rights. Strict constructionists would still be pointing to the Constitution and braying that rights for women and blacks can't be found in that document. Any social advancements we can point to in America have been championed by progressives....not conservatives. The extremist-right view suggesting that progressives have re-enslaved blacks with chains of welfare and handout programs is repulsive and wrong. Standing up for the rights of minorities is the right thing to's the American thing to do. The same goes for women's rights. It is exactly along the lines of women and minority rights that the modern conservative movement has sought to divide our country for political gain. The GOP is seeking to divide us again this year along those same lines. The Obama landslide that's about to hit will drive the final nail into that outdated coffin so we can give it a proper burial.

Any comments?



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