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Bloodless Coup Rages In Senate

By The Reverend Published: November 7, 2013

Libertarian Ron Paul called for "nullification" of Obamacare by the states. States should just defiantly ignore the new federal law, Paul told a group rallying for Ken Cuccinelli the other day. The former lawmaker didn't explain that nullification is actually illegal.....but I'm sure his response would be..freedom, or something similar.

The word nullification is a remnant word from pre-Civil War days. Prior to the southern states terrorist attack on the United States of America, those states "nullified" any federal law they didn't like. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution makes it crystal clear that states have no authority to nullify federal law.....but to the freedom Rebels that didn't matter.

That Rebel spirit lives today within today's Republicans....

"This week, Sen. Reid has teed up President Obama's court-packing plan for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, a court that some people call the second most important court in the nation," Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) told reporters. "The last thing we need to do when money is tight ... is throw more money at unneeded judges on this court, in an attempt to simply pack the court in order to tilt that court ideologically in a way that favors the big government agenda of the Obama administration."

"We intend to stop it," he said.

Cornyn's claim of "court packing" is that President Obama has been trying to fill three VACANCIES in the D.C. Circuit Court for quite a while now. Senator Cornyn knows his claim is ridiculous...but we live in an age when 40% of the nation's electorate believe in lies told to them daily by conservative propagandists....and Cornyn is well aware of that paradigm.

Advise and consent...has now been hijacked and twisted to mean: preventing qualified judicial nominees from being voted upon because we like the Court makeup just the way it is.

Republicans don't take issue with (Judge Patricia) Millett's qualifications; they argue that the court's caseload is relatively low and so the size of its active bench should be reduced from 11 to eight judges.

Republicans are a minority in the Senate. The Senate must advise and consent when it comes to federal judicial nominations by the president. Minority Republicans are simply using a stealth nullification gimmick to overthrow the will of the majority....and Cornyn is lying to cover for what the Republicans are, and have been, doing since Obama was inaugurated.

Senate Republicans have no issue with Patricia Millett's qualifications......which is the purpose of advise and consent obligations to determine. So, what is the GOP nullification effort all about?....

The D.C. Circuit is the GOP's silent weapon against Obama's use of executive authority to achieve progressive goals where Congress won't act. The conservative-leaning court has invalidated multiple actions by the Obama administration on issues like environmental protection, labor regulation and recess appointments. And the GOP base is determined to have a judiciary that favors their ideological goals -- more so than the progressive base.

Again we find minority Republicans obstructing normal process for political and ideological reasons.....and lying about what they are really up to. Sounds very familiar.

Projection is what Republicans do best. Cornyn claims Obama is trying to "pack the court" when it is Republicans who are doing so by refusing to fill empty seats on the D.C Circuit Court.

So, while Professional Media is 24/7-busy these days spreading every and any rumor about the ACA's alleged miserable failure.....5 weeks after implementation began.....minority Rebels in the Senate are attempting a judicial coup, a "nullification" strike on a twice-elected president. Seems like a very important national story.

They are taking our country apart one piece at a time. But every Rebel attack is met with a shrug by our Professionals and claims that "both sides do it."

I wonder if our 4th columnists would notice if Senate Republicans insisted on replacing the stars and bars with the Confederate Flag.....I wonder.



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