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Boehner: "Where Are The Jobs?"

By The Reverend Published: May 8, 2010

Job losses and gains over the last 2 years....

Simple question: Considering the severity of the recession which began in December of 2007, has the trend in job growth since Obama took office been going in the right direction, or not?

Let's ask the Great Tanned One of Ohio....

The GOP House Minority Leader and Ohio embarassment, John Boehner, says...."Where are the jobs?"

Fox's Bill Hemmer: Are we moving in the right direction?

Tanned One: Most Americans, I don't think, would agree with that....because they're the ones asking me, 'where are the jobs.'

Now I realize that Republican Party Leadership is non-existent. There are currently no leaders of substance in the GOP. But is it always the case that Republicans pretending to be leaders must so blatantly lie and distort the obvious?

290,000 jobs were created in April. March's jobs-created number was revised upwards as well.

"Where are the jobs?" In front of your Tanned Nose, you doofus.

If the above chart doesn't reflect a move "in the right direction".....what in the world would "moving in the right direction" look like? Honest to god.....Boehner is a Baffler.

Then we have Republican Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri....

”Missourians are still waiting for real and sustained job creation. Let’s keep these numbers in perspective; More than a fifth of the jobs created in April were temporary Census jobs, and Washington Democrats’ tax and spend politices are still doing more harm than good for the vast majority of job-seekers.”

Indiana's embarassment, GOP Rep. Mike Pence....

“these are difficult times for America’s families and today’s unemployment report delivers even more bad news.”

Whiny House Minority Whip, Republican Rep. Eric Cantor.....

“An employment report that shows job growth is always a good thing, period. What concerns me, however, is whether we are creating long-term, sustainable jobs that will help America reclaim its place as the world’s sole economic superpower.”

At would seem that these GOP propagandists were reflecting on the Bush side of the above graph. But no. These representatives are actually responding to the Obama side of the above chart. The portion which demonstrates that, since Obama took office and passed the stimulus bill,.....job growth has been moving in the right direction.

Sometimes I refer to Republicans and conservatives as having a form of what I label 'political dyslexia.' If something is up.....conservatives say it's down. If something good's actually bad.

Yes, I understand that it's the job of politicians to paint the brightest picture of their side and the dimmest picture of the other side.....but at the cost of basic credibility?

I don't care who is in power....if jobs are being created in America, it's a good thing. Republicans have a different take. If Democrats are in power....and jobs are created....then, those jobs are "government jobs", non-sustainable jobs, make-work jobs, not enough jobs, tax and spend jobs, etc.

Look at the above jobs chart again.....ask in the hell does that chart demonstrate that, since Obama took office, he's "doing more harm than good" when it comes to job creation?

Boehner's childish faux-point was that Barack Obama said the unemployment number wouldn't be as high as it is today. What point is the Tanned One trying to make? He's trying to divert attention away from the positive jobs growth number and towards an Obama-projected unemployment number made before the true depth of the financial crisis was understood. Don't look at the chart...look over here.

290,000 jobs created in April...and GOP'er, Mike Pence deems that positive number as "even more bad news."

Aren't there prescription drugs now for dimensia related problems?

Why should any of these reality-deniers ever be taken seriously about anything?

UPDATE: FOX also....shocker....joins in the dyslexia...."It's Getting Worse"....



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