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Boneheads, Thugs-N-Disharmony

By The Reverend Published: August 4, 2009

Blog Correction: Keith Olbermann had an update on something I blogged about over the weekend. Apparently, the NY Times Saturday article stating that Fox and NBC had reached some self-censorship deal between Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann is not true. If you're interested in this this short video from last night...

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Now on to today's topic....Bonehead Thugs-N-Disharmony....

Remember back in the fall of 2000 when the Republican machine staged what was later called the "Brooks Brothers Riot", helping to stop the recount of Florida ballots? GOP political operatives were promised swanky resort time if they came to Florida to disrupt the recount.....and it worked. It was the Republican version of American democracy....if you can't win at the ballot box, disrupt the process until you get the outcome you desire.

It's deja-vu all over again.

Whether it's disrupting the democratic process of recounting ballots in Florida or whether it's disrupting town hall discussions about health care reform in America.....the GOP's tactics are the same.....fake some grassroots movement and make it appear like hoards of voters are outraged....raise hell....then point to the hell-raising as evidence of some majority populist movement, in this case, against reforming health care.

It's all part of the anti-democratic GOP playbook......

"People should be asked to meet in the parking lot a half hour before the scheduled start."

"Everyone should be asked to use one of the questions or a similar one that boxes in the Rep. The team should also be advised to spread out inside the hall but should try to get seats in the front half."

"The objective is to put the Rep on the defensive with your questions and follow-up."

"You need to rock the boat early in the Rep's presentation. Watch for an opportunity to yell out....If he blames Bush for something or offers other excuses----call him on it, yell back and have someone else follow up with a shout out.....The purpose is to make him uneasy early on and set the tone for the hall as clearly informal, and free-wheeling. It will also embolden others...."

"The balance of the group should applaud when the question is asked, further putting the Rep on the defensive. If the Rep tries a particularly odious diversion (dripping with irony, much?), someone from the group should yell out to answer the question."

Stopping a recount or stopping health care's all the same...

MacGuffie's memo was posted to the Tea Party Patriots' list serve, which is hundreds of members large, and includes representatives from not just small protest groups, but also major anti-health reform organizations such as Conservatives for Patients Rights, and Patients First, Patients United Now (an affiliate of Americans for Prosperity), and, yes, Freedom Works.

With such broad and powerful memberships, the group is able to co-ordinate protests and counter protests at events hosted by members of Congress and pro-reform groups. And that's just what they've been doing, and plan to do much more over the August congressional recess, during which many believe the fate of health care reform will be decided.

This thuggish band of GOP Jihadists, working off their weapons of mass disruption playbook, and determined to kill health care reform for the sake of a handful of very, very rich health insurers......have launched their summer offensive against the American Philadelphia, Austin, Long Island, and a host of other locations where congressional representatives were attempting to hold town meetings to explain health care reform.

Remember, 70% of Americans not only want health care reformed in America, they want a public option to private health insurance in that reform. Those seeking to bully and disrupt town hall meetings have been organized (knowingly or not) by corporate health care lobbyists to stop the public option or kill all health care reform,....just like the "Tea Partiers" were organized by America's richest to pre-empt the Democrat's plan to end the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans.

Those who work directly for the fat cats (like Dick Armey) are leveraging the bitter, and often racist, feelings of anti-Obama voters. Those who believe Obama is not a U.S. citizen, those who believe Obama is a secret Muslim, those who believe Obama is a socialist-marxist.....those who simply detest the fact that America has elected it's first black president.....are having their sore-loserness and bitter hatred exploited in order to kill significant health care reform.

Unwittingly or not, those following the GOP's how-to-bully, intimidate-and-disrupt playbook, are being used as props to advance the agenda of the country's most powerful.

And these people are the ones who swear they represent "real America."



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