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Bowling For Bull Pucky

By The Reverend Published: April 2, 2008

These blue and red bowling balls in such close proximity to each other...make me wonder.

There's been plenty of time in between primary contests for the Knee Pad Media to relax their jaws a bit from all their hard work and to set about informing Americans about important policy differences between the Democratic candidates and between the Democratic candidates and John McCain. As I've mentioned before, if guns were placed to their heads, these Knee Padders still would not be capable of doing their jobs.

So....we must be told about....bowling....instead. Not for the sake of, you know, learning anything about bowling. No, nothing like that....but instead bowling as an opportunity to throw out new and improved racial slurs. Knee Padders are nothing...if they're not consistent.....sucking away on the establishment-right teat.

Chris Matthews on Hardball last night.....(keep in mind that Tweety, my buddy King insists, is a liberal).....

MATTHEWS: You know, Michelle -- and this gets very ethnic, but the fact that he's good at basketball doesn't surprise anybody, but the fact that he's that terrible at bowling does make you wonder -- Link

Now...why would the fact that Obama is "good" at basketball not be surprising to anyone? Hmmmm? And what, exactly, does "this gets very ethnic", really mean? And the hat trick question would be why would someone say this..."the fact that he's that terrible at bowling does make you wonder"? What the hell does that even mean?

Let me give you my take on the answers.

Being good at basketball would be no surprise only if the racial sterotype that blacks are all good basketball players, was being applied in some attempt to smear Obama along racial lines. "This gets very ethnic", is the giveaway. Establishment media whores use the word "ethnic", when what they really want to say is "Negroes". For some reason "Negroes" just doesn't sound as "ethnic" becomes a code word for the establishment-right media whorehouse.

Oh, did I say "whorehouse"? I meant "specialized service worker headquarters".

You know, the fact that Obama is good at "shuckin' and jivin'" is no surprise to anyone, because, you know, Negroes are well known for "shuckin' and jivin'", but the fact that Obama is such a clear-spoken and articulate speaker...well....that's kind of surprising, because, you know, Negroes just can't speak very well and shuckers and jivers are simply shocking when they can speak that well. It goes against our moral values pre-conceptions of the ethnics.

As Tweety-bird Matthews gets down to the bone of his pandering for the white establishment, he says this..."the fact that he is that terrible at bowling does make you wonder...". Wonder what? What the f*ck would it make a person wonder? If a person running for the presidency isn't an expert bowler, or horseback rider, or chess player, or even a f*cking experienced tiddly winks player....what would any of that make you wonder? That's right....nothing. It doesn't make a normal non-Knee Padder wonder about anything.

However, Chrissy Matthews hasn't worn those Knee Pads all this time without cause or purpose. Chrissy is doing his best vile swiftboater imitation, albeit a bit early. What Matthews, in one of his uglier moments, is saying is that Obama is black, a Negro, and because he is a Negro, it wouldn't be surprising if he was adept at basketball. Not surprising to anybody, because he is a Negro.

Rather than leave this "ethnic" sterotypical slur die alone, Matthews has to add insult to his racist remark with "it makes you wonder".....and THAT phrase is Mattthews reason for talking about Obama's bowling.

Chrissy is implying that Obama, the Negro basketball playing candidate, no surprise there, is wimpish, you know, like windsurfing John Kerry. Why, not being good at bowling makes Chrissy "wonder" whether Obama isn't really a p*ssy. A girly-man. That's what Matthews means by "makes you wonder". Anyone who doesn't spend most of their time on their knees, as Chrissy does, doesn't find anything to "wonder" about in Obama's lack of bowling all. Normal, non-suck-ups, wouldn't give a second thought about Obama's bowling score.

The media has been doing this type of thing for at least 20 years now. As they suck on every macho bullsh*t word spoken by those conservative tough guys in the Republican the same time....they continually attempt to brand the Democrats as soft or weak milquetoasts, effeminate elitist p*ssies who run from fights.

That's the point of what Chris Matthews was saying when he was playing with the Hardballs. It just "makes you wonder", when a Negro doesn't know how to bowl effectively, whether that demonstration of p*ussification means the Negro will also be effeminately weak in fighting those dreaded Islamofascists. That's the serious, wise and experienced viewpoint of mainmedia stars.

Stars like Matthews definitely have a unique perspective, you know, being on their knees and all.



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