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Boy Howdy & The Bitter Clingons

By The Reverend Published: May 5, 2014

I watched a portion of a Tea House hearing awhile back when usual suspect Republicans were embarrassing themselves, and all of  us, with their purely partisan theatrical questions over an IRS scandal that doesn't exist. It was then that I first saw S. Carolina GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy perform. Yes, perform.

Today we know that Trey Gowdy has been appointed by Speaker Boehner to supply the pre-Obama-impeachment entertainment. Officially, John Boehner is calling the newly announced entertainment the Very Serious sounding Select Committee to investigate Benghazi something, something.....but everyone who isn't blinded by rank partisanship knows what the Select Committee really is......cheesy, classless, amateurish, entertainment for the GOP's bitter and extremist base voters.

And let me tell you.....the conservative base is stoked.

When the committee gets up and running, Gowdy is going to be a national presence almost EVERY night; and yes, the MSM will be forced to carry it.

I trust the committee will be able to uncover, and prove, the complicity of the Obama administration in the Benghazi tragedy, and in the process derail Hillary’s 2016 candidacy.

When this happens, Gowdy will rise to the top of everyone’s list of VP candidates; indeed, there is not one potential GOP contender that he would not make better.

Now, haven't I been explaining all along how the GOP's Serious & Somber pretending over Benghazi was really only about doing political damage to first, Obama....and second: Hillary? Conservative dead-enders at redstate now confirm that The Reverend has been correct all this time. I humbly admit I didn't see the Howdy-for-VP part coming.

Tell me.....what do movie producers do before they release a new entertainment production? They promote their upcoming attraction, right? They advertise. And often movie producers provide teaser clips to entice movie-goers to come out and see their new work.

Here's newly appointed GOP entertainment producer, Trey Gowdy, or as I will refer to him henceforth, Boy Howdy......teasing conservative political entertainment-consumers to plan now to take in his new Select Committee entertainment......

“I have evidence that, not only are they hiding it, there’s an intent to hide it,”....“I can’t disclose that evidence yet, but I have evidence that there was a systematic, intentional decision to withhold certain documents from Congress…and we’re just sick of it,” said a clearly frustrated Gowdy.

"can't disclose that evidence yet".......the perfect entertainment teaser, no? Howdy, not to be confused with Howdy Doody who was a different kind of puppet, says he has "evidence" that just sickens him....but he can't tell excited conservative political entertainment consumers what it is just yet. Clingons will just have to check their local teevee listings for times and channels.

Boy Howdy has a portfolio of entertainment products to his name. Here's one in response to a suggestion from Nancy Pelosi that Republicans were attempting to suppress Democratic votes of minorities and the poor with their avalanche of voter-ID laws.....

"...I would schedule an appointment with my doctor if she thinks we are doing this to suppress votes this fall. That is mind-numbingly stupid.”

I guess Howdy should tell these judges how "mind-numbingly stupid" they are....

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox ruled that the law requiring voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot violates the Arkansas Constitution.

A federal judge in Wisconsin struck down that state's voter ID law on Tuesday, and a Pennsylvania judge this week said he wouldn't reconsider his decision striking down that state's law as well.

In the case of Wisconsin, the judge ruled that voter ID discriminates against minority voters.

S. Carolina Rep. Boy Howdy has also played a leading role in the IRS "scandal" entertainment production. In February Howdy performed in the IRS scandal-production scene following the Obama line "not a smidgen of corruption." His faux-anger response, as the script called for, was received with rave reviews from Clingon audiences everywhere. What an actor, that Howdy.

Yes, politics is always theater to a certain extent. I can't deny that.

But my goodness, can't all those billionaire GOP benefactors pay for a better screenplay....and better actors.....than Boy Howdy and his "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi" team of amateurish pretenders?

Steve Benen, from the MaddowBlog....

"’s clear at this point that no amount of evidence, no number of investigations, no hours of hearings, no volumes of comprehensive reports will ever be enough for those who want the Benghazi conspiracy theories to have merit. It’s no longer about substantiation; it’s more of a feeling."

And isn't that why people go to the movies and watch teevee entertainment, anyway. For the emotional experience? For the "feeling?"

Because that is the case, Conservative Clingon audiences are in for a treat in the coming months. perhaps years. Don't miss the new, sure-to-be-nominated-for-awards, GOP-produced entertainment series special....."Boy Howdy Excites the Conservative Clingons".....coming soon to every "news" channel, check local listings for times and availability in your area.



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