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Breaking News Shocking

By The Reverend Published: March 13, 2008


From Glennzilla...

All decent people agree that what Eliot Spitzer did is repulsive, morally disgusting and totally nauseating -- which is why it's so important to learn about and report on every last titillating detail about what he did, the kind of sex he had, with whom he had it, how many times he had it, and what his partners looked like -- because it's all so completely appalling that it's critical that we stay fully informed. Link

This is what I often try to express about the state of our rotted and totally valueless mainstream media. Glenn Greenwald just states it much better. Read his entire post.

Corporate media produces what they label "content". This content is of little or no value but it is the justification for all the commercials that must be paraded in front of x-number of viewers every night. The common denominator of virtually all of mainstream media's daily worthless content is human sexuality.

Main media's news reporting content is no exception.

In between political sex scandals, mainstream news media fills it's channels and airwaves with every attractive young white girl story, involving or implying sexual activity, that can be found and exploited. Obsessions with Laci Peterson and Chandra Levy-type stories rage on weekly. The Benet-Ramsey case and other pretty white child tragedies are continually paraded across our screens as so shocking, breaking news shocking, that the media storytellers almost faint at the horror, even after repeating the story hundreds and hundreds of times. How they can endure the endless retelling of the stories is beyond me.

What's really going on, of course, is only strategic demographic pandering to the lowest common denominator for the sole purpose of cashing the corporate sponsor's checks. Kind of sounds a little like prostitution, you know, when ya' think about it.

Entertainment and celebrity news programs tracking all the celebrity nonsense is not enough for oh-so-shocked media. Paris and Lindsey stories must also be included with the networks' nightly newscasts. Every pundit must relate the new sexual news or implication of sexual news. All the details and implied details must be shared thousands of times because the viewers, we're told, demand it, and the details are just so shocking, morality protecting media must repeatedly alert us of the danger.

This sleazy, bottom-feeder practice is exactly the same practice playing out, in real time, during this primary election campaign. Racial politics, real or implied, are just so awful, just like the awfulness of those real or implied sexual sins, that every pundit, every news program, every poll, must focus on them endlessly.

If Bill Clinton speaks obliquely in reference to race......every hour on the hour The Most Trusted Name In News and The Place For Politics and FIX Noise must root around in all the implications of Clinton's language. Every teevee personality in D.C. and New York must give their opinions on what could be construed as terrible and awful appeals to racism. The media is not appealing to racist emotions themselves, mind you, by repeating what Bill said a thousand times. They are repeating it a thousand times because it's just so awful.

Exit polls are compiled and presented as news content to viewers. The polling itself is race-based. How many blacks, how many browns, how many whites voted for so and so. Then this race-based content production is used to project similar race-based outcomes in other states. This discriminatory approach assumes all blacks, browns and whites in each and every state behave and think the same way. Needless to say, if the moral media is doing it, it couldn't be stereotyping.

A state, like Mississippi or South Carolina, is selected as the norm. Polling data precisely filtered to show shocking race-based results are presented from the selected state. Then the hand wringing and sanctimony begins. Isn't the data we filtered specifically to appeal to your baser instincts, shocking?

The media all-stars never tire of repeating all the potential ugly racist implications coming out of the race-based questions that they, themselves, are asking. The protectors of morality are too righteous and good to promote racial division. That's why they can never get over the shock and dismay they experience over any symptoms of racial polarization suggested by their own discriminatorily framed and filtered questions. It's just so terribly alarming. But these same all-stars never fail to repeat the same race-based polling practice state after state after state. It doesn't matter that these bastions of virtue are hand picking and filtering only the state polling numbers that move the needle on their oh-so-shocked voltmeters of morality, pre- calibrated for race, naturally.

When whites vote for a white candidate, that is not shocking because morality media are mostly white. No story to be offended by, and repeated endlessly, when moral whites vote for whites, indeed, whites are good, moral and tolerant. Heavens, that wouldn't be news. However, if blacks vote for a black candidate, then the traumatized anchors and pundits, traumatized by this shocking demonstration of racism, have a divinely ordained duty to notify the populace.....24/7 with pictures and charts.

I've forgotten how all this shocked moralism strengthens and unites the country.



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