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Brit Hume Takes Off Knee Pads And Gets In Bed For A Real Servicing

By The Reverend Published: September 11, 2007


The phrase Knee Pad Media, as some of you know, is my title of endearment for the Main Stream Media. There are varying degrees of Knee Padding, as it were, but the object of all of the servicing of the powerful is to help those who are in power. While "helping" the powerful, these Padders also think they are helping themselves....access, careerism, party invites, etc. Sort of an "I'll do you and then you do me" approach, if you'll pardon the crudity.

Some known to be on their knees in front of the powerful are down there because of ideology. Brit Hume, of FOX "news", is one example of a Padder who Pads for ideological reasons. He's a true believer, a kool-aid drinker, a neo-con among neo-cons, know the litany.

Glenn Greenwald has yet another focused blog posting today, this time about Brit Hume's "interview" of Petraeus and Crocker last night in an exclusive for FOX "news".

Consider this short back and forth from that "interview"....

HUME: Would you say that we wouldn't be in the situation we are in today in terms of sectarian violence in Iraq generally had not Al Qaeda not been present and active there?

PETRAEUS: That's correct.

HUME: Has this, in an ultimate sense, turned out to be, more than anything else, a war with Al Qaeda?

PETRAEUS: Well, it is Al Qaeda and associated movements, I think, or affiliates, if you would.

I wonder if Bush experienced relief or release after that exchange.

Approximately one year ago George W. Bush said this to Katie Couric....

"One of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror," Link

There's a complete post just in that one sentence, however, suffice it to say that Brit Hume's "job" as he "interviewed" Petraeus and Crocker last night was the same as George W. Bush's "job" as explained to Couric a year ago.

That "job" is to convince people of something that is not now, nor ever has been, the truth. That is why it is the "hardest" job to do. When you see Hume doing his best service job for the president by seeking to "connect Iraq to the war on terror", it is important to understand this.

A year has gone by since Bush told Katie what his "hardest" job has been. During this time Americans, by approximately a 60-40 split, aren't buying what Bush has been selling. And so the question comes....why would Brit Hume, knowing full-well about the 60-40 split, be embarassing himself by so obviously sliding in to bed for a full service romp with White House neo-cons in last night's FOX exclusive with the General and the Ambassador?

The answer is found in who watches FOX "news". The 30-40% who still support whatever Bush and the neo-cons say and who watches FOX. The rest of America knows that FOX is simply the Republican Party's private cable "news" channel.

Hume and FOX, I'm sure taking directions from the RNC and the White House, earned this "exclusive" for the sole purpose of shoring up wingnut support for the Iraq lies and the liars who continue to tell them. Why shore up wingnut support? Because without the "faith based" Bush cult wingers, the GOP will be an endangered political species come next November.

Why get into bed with and be abused by authoritarian political rapists who never stop lying about their maniacal acts of imperialism? I'll answer that with another question. How picky can you be when you look like Brit Hume?

Just sayin'.



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