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Brunner On Rachel Maddow Show

By The Reverend Published: October 18, 2008

Ohio Republicans, joining their national brethren in a conspiracy to suppress votes again this election, tried to force 200,000 newly registered Ohio voters to cast their votes on provisional ballots. An appeals court gave the GOP a temporary victory in their vote suppression campaign, but yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the conspiring GOP.

The GOP was trying to force 200,000 new Ohio voters into voting with provisional ballots because provisional ballots are not counted until at least 10 days after the election, if they are counted at all. Meanwhile, legal challenges can be brought against those provisional ballots. The end game for Republicans in all of this is to keep thousands of primarily new Democratic voters from having their votes counted.

Ohioans should be proud of Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner. She's a fighter.

In other GOP voter suppression news....

Yesterday I blogged about the Justice Department leak of the FBI investigation into ACORN, a leak emerging less than 24 hours after John McCain stated in his last debate with Obama that ACORN was destroying the "fabric of our democracy."

On Friday, Obama's legal counsel, Robert Bauer, wrote Attorney General Michael Mukasey, charging that the inquiry is politically motivated and that it risks repeating the 2007 scandal over the Bush administration's politicization of the Justice Department.

Bauer asked Mukasey to broaden a special prosecutor's investigation to examine the origin of the ACORN inquiry. Link

The GOP definitely has a coordinated effort going on to delegitimize the upcoming election results. What the GOP doesn't have, however, is empirical evidence of wrongdoing.

Republicans allege that ACORN is engaged in rampant voter registration fraud, but they've offered no proof of such a systematic effort.

" proof..." that ACORN is destroying the "fabric of democracy".....but, hey, it sure sounds scary, huh?



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