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Bunning Hypocrisy Resolved

By The Reverend Published: March 3, 2010

I don't have much time today....but it's important for me to complete the circle on the Senator Jim Bunning (R-Lunatic-KY) story. At the urging of other Republicans, Bunning finally relented, withdrawing his hold on emergency unemployment, COBRA, construction funding and Medicare doctor reimbursement......but not until he forced a vote on an amendment, which failed.

For two nights in a row, I watched Chris Matthews of MSNBC argue in support of Bunning's position. To Matthews, Bunning's monumental hypocrisy doesn't, in any way, negate his argument that Congress must pay for all legislation passed, even emergency unemployment extensions.

According to guys like Matthews, galactically, hypocritical people should be taken seriously. Strangest damn thing. But see?....Chrissy Matthews said he had talked to the baseball Hall of Famer a couple of times in the "elevator", and he "likes him." Matthews got a little 'touch of the blue', celebrity-meeting afterglow, if you will.....and that's all it took for him to defend the craziest person in the Senate.

The Hardball host, and this is one of his main problems, just loves the attention he gets from the "stars." When Matthews gets attention from stars like Jim Bunning, he is willing to come to their defense when others pick on them. Bunning voted for $5 trillion more cash advances from China during the Bush years.....and yet has recently stonewalled the Senate over paying for $10 billion in unemployment extensions.

Matthews is a prime example of what's wrong with today's corporate media.

In related do Tea Partiers feel about Jim Bunning's placing a hold on unemployment extensions for over a week?

They love it.

If you ever wondered what type of candidate the Tea Party movement would like to see elected to Congress, look no farther than Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning (R), the man who is single-handedly holding up unemployment benefit extensions and health insurance coverage for hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Americans. While the rest of his party is quietly trying to ignore him, Bunning is giving Tea Party activists in Kentucky much to love.

"We're all in support of Sen. Bunning," says Wendy Caswell, the founder of the Louisville Tea Party. She says Tea Party activists believe that Bunning is being fiscally responsible, and that's a core Tea Party value. "He is kind of one of our models of a good representative of the people of Kentucky."

Tea Party members, at least in Kentucky, support the personal financial destruction of folks who lost their jobs and health care. They support doctors being paid less to see Medicare patients. To Tea Partiers......Bunning's hold is a sign of fiscal responsibility.

It's like the Tea Partiers just dropped in from Mars, isn't it?



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