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Bush About Iraq: "I'm Playing..."

By The Reverend Published: September 5, 2007


During my almost 6 decades I haven't witnessed anything quite like the George W. Bush regime.

I've witnessed the paranoid criminality of Nixon,... the doofus, formerly of acting fame, I love to call Ronald McDonald,.... and now the bizarro "I would be dictator" BoyKing, aka, the Decider. I mention these three, because all three were actual criminals. Two were never charged and the third is yet to be charged. But all three were/are criminals, nevertheless. Poppy, father of BoyKing, gets only a dishonorable mention.

As some of you know I have been shouting about how we are never leaving Iraq and that never leaving was the original objective before we invaded.

Timid Knee Padders cannot bring this fact up because the Commander Guy will get his Codpiece in a twist and never let them ask any more questions. They'll have to take their kneepads and go sit in the corner in the back of the room. And as far as calling the Chimp a liar, outside of Keith Olbermann, one would be hard pressed to find many other examples, if any.

It's all been corrupt business as usual for almost 7 years now and believe-you-me, it ain't gonna' change.

Presented as Exhibit A in the criminal case against one George Walker Bush.....

..... Bush told the author, Robert Draper, in a later session, "I'm playing for October-November." That is when he hopes the Iraq troop increase will show enough results to help him achieve the central goal of his remaining time in office: "To get us in a position where the presidential candidates will be comfortable about sustaining a presence," and, he said later, "stay longer." Link

Every so often, the Criminal in Chief let's down his guard. He rarely speaks off the cuff because he gets in so much trouble with not only the English language, but also with keeping the lies he's told.... straight. I can sympathize with Commander Guy because I know he's told a helluva lot of lies. It must be hard work to not spill the goods in kind of a 'lie crossover' moment(ala Ghostbusters) that might threaten the cosmos.

But this latest bit of casual commenting by the worst president ever brings us to the edge of Twilight Zone.

"..playing for October-November.." Why? To get presidential wannabes "comfortable". Comfortable with what? "..sustaining a presence" in order to do what?....."stay longer" in Iraq.

How many reasons have there been for invading and occupying Iraq? Can we even count them all? How many Orwellian slogans have we had to fend off lest they lodge like a freaking virus in our brains causing us to begin drooling and donning faith based tinfoil hats?

Saddam's Iraq never posed a threat to America, never harbored, endorsed, aided or abetted Islamic extremism, never had any connections whatsoever with al-Qaeda. Iraqis were not clamoring for the U.S. to bomb their country into smithereens so they could rejoice and call the bombing an act of liberation. We're not spreading anything in Iraq except misery and here at home it's been NBB....Nothing But Bullsh*t.....that's what is "surging". We are not fighting anything except the truth "over there"....and why fight truth "over there".... so the truth won't follow us home to terrorize us "over here".

No, all of that stuff was a bunch of lies. The truth is found in the resolute Dummy's off the cuff remarks to the author Draper....bizarrely given in a kind of 'criminal who wants to confess' kind of way.

The American military-energy-industrial complex needed more profits. Military acts of agression in oil rich countries is the United States' method of stimulating economic growth. Must stay competitive ya' know. Gotta' keep them damn Chinese from controlling all that oil.

And so the one slogan Georgie mentioned only a couple of times...."Leaving is losing"....combined with this recent "sustaining a presence" to "stay longer" slip have been the extremely rare times truth has come out. In both cases I dare you to find a "journalist" who challenges this president with any of it.

Here we have the president of the superpower admitting what his 'real' strategy is regarding Iraq and do you know what CNN's oh-so-liberal Wolf Blitzer spent the first 10 minutes of last night's "Situation Room" bloviating about? The missing daredevil, Steve Fossett.

America is broken. Not because gays are looking for action in men's rooms, not because women choose abortion, not because kid's don't lead prayers in public schools and certainly not because the rich pay too much in taxes. America is broken because it is being led by narcissitic, greedy, self-serving, lying, traitorous maniacs uplifted as gods by an obedient groupie media willing to drop to their knees at a moment's notice in "service" of their political rock stars.

Now excuse me....I feel like puking.



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