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Bush Only Had One Word Wrong

By The Reverend Published: September 21, 2007


Here's what's surging over there in our very own American occupied territory.....

BAGHDAD - Cholera was confirmed Friday in a baby in Basra, the farthest south the outbreak has been detected. Officials expressed concern over a shortage of chlorine needed to prevent the disease from spreading.

Al-Gasseer said health authorities were concerned the disease could spread because of the movement of people within Iraq's borders. Hundreds of thousands of displaced people have been forced to flee their homes because of violence.

A disease that would otherwise be easily treatable has been made all the more dangerous because of Iraq's precarious security situation following the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003. Link

So I understand this story to be a bit of good news for George "Mission Accomplished" Bush. Why? If you promise to hold on tight, I'll tell you.

Well, it would go something like this: George told us in such a bold and confident manner that "Freedom is on the march" over in the new American West Bank-like occupied territory of Iraq. You see, when he said that, (so proudly I bet he pissed himself a little), only one of the words was a lie in his new slogan of the month. What the slogan memo actually said was "Disease is on the march".

The good news here is that he only had one word wrong. That's a sign of, like, improvement, with this Decider Commander Guy. Normally he would purposely deceive his listeners on all of the words. You know, like "Mission Accomplished". As you can see with that slogan Bush had both words wrong, whereas the later slogan "Freedom(Disease) is on the march" only has one of the two main words wrong. There IS something on the "march", so George got that part right but then, see, he still got one wrong, wasn't "freedom", it was "disease".

I think that the NY Times should report on the president's great strides being made over Iraq ....and hell, it's only been how long? .....4 1/2 years now. After four and one half years the Times can announce that with the Iraq problem, '29% approval George' has improved 50% in the "accuracy in stating slogans" part of the Commander(Guy) in Chief's job. The Times can suggest that making gains in the "stating political slogans" portion of a second term War King is unusual and will, therefore, be part of what, a janitorial insider who wants to remain anonymous said, could be a strong portion of the Bush Jr. legacy. An entire Wing of the new-to-be Junior Codpiece Library, the janitor insider said, would be dedicated to the extensive "slogans" aspect of the Bush Sequel dynasty. Iraq being a large part of that dynasty.

You can see it all now, can't you? The fear inducing and yet not paranoia producing "Axis of Evil" slogan will be under glass, I'm sure, with it's great historic explanation being read aloud alongside of the Awe-Inspiring State of the Union Address in solid gold. The speech in which the Dearest of all Dear Leaders resurrected that great slogan for all Americans to celebrate and embrace anew.

Is there any doubt about whether the great "Culture of Life" slogan will be there or the "Dead or Alive" slogan or the most famous of them all, "Stay the Course". That one still brings people to tears.

That's the power of the great and marvelous, and now "New and Improved" Slogan President.



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