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Bush's Legacy

By The Reverend Published: August 30, 2007


First read this....

Public schools in the United States are becoming more racially segregated and the trend is likely to accelerate because of a Supreme Court decision in June, according to report published on Wednesday.

The rise in segregation threatens the quality of education received by non-white students, who now make up 43 percent of the total U.S. student body, said the report by the Civil Rights Project of the University of California.

Many segregated schools struggle to attract teachers and administrators who are highly qualified, do not offer good preparation for college and fail to graduate more than half their students.

The Supreme Court in its June ruling forbade most existing voluntary local efforts to integrate schools in a decision favored by the Bush administration despite warnings from academics that it would compound educational inequality.

"The country risks becoming a nation where most of the new non-white majority of young people will be attending separate and inferior schools and educators will be forbidden to take any direct action likely to bring down the color line," the report said.

"Resegregation ... is continuing to grow in all parts of the country... Link

According to wingnut GOP'ers, one of Bush's greatest achievements during his reign of error has been the appointing of Strict Deconstructionists to the Supreme Court. I suppose in an 'up is down' world, which is the world wingnuts live in, this could be seen as a great achievement.

But can you even imagine how a president, after leaving office, could relish a legacy that included rolling racial progress up and putting it into a dumpster? Think about the hate that it takes to be joyful about resegregating our public schools.

What kind of twisted creature could sit around and boast and slap backs and say something like this..."We showed those goddamned minorities didn't we? Those F'ing liberals got taught a lesson. Roberts and Alito sure pulled the wool over those stupid, gullible Senate Democrats, ha. ass. Hard to believe Tony Kennedy bought in, but he's kind of a wimp anyway. Pass the bourbon, will ya'?"

The only lasting legacy I can envision for George, Decider and Commander Guy, Bush is the honor of being America's absolute worst president ever. In his twisted and perverted mind.....that's probably an honor.



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