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Bush's Stand-up Comedy Routine

By The Reverend Published: March 14, 2008

The jokeman welcomes his audience.

Today, practicing for his upcoming post-presidential tour of America's comedy clubs, ladies and gentleman, please welcome the funniest president of them all,......George....Wwwww....uuuu....Bush......

“Our economy obviously is going through a tough time,” Bush told a gathering of The Economic Club of New York. “The challenge is not to do anything foolish.”

Like deep and reckless tax cuts while waging an expensive American jihad against Iraq? Foolish like that? If it wasn't for all the, you know, dead and mangled bodies.....that would have been a genuinely funny joke.

Here's the Commander Jokester's deep concern humor....

“I’m deeply concerned about law and regulation that will make it harder for the markets to recover — and when they recover, make it harder for this economy to be robust. And so we got to be careful and mindful that any time the government intervenes in the market, it must do so with clear purpose and great care. Government actions have far-reaching and unintended consequences.”

This joke is a twofer. His political party's rigid doctrine of deregulation led directly to the current foreclosure and credit disasters we are now experiencing....AND....Bush's own Federal Reserve has been "intervening" every few weeks lately, cutting the prime rate in order to slow the margin calls for the fattest of cats who are, you know, gambling in the Wall Street Casino. So many ways.

Bush, the stand-up comic, having warmed and loosened up his audience, hits his stride....

“In a free market, there’s going to be good times and bad times, that’s how markets work,” Bush said. “The market is in the process of correcting itself; markets must have time to correct.” an unintended way....but still. A comedien president who has intervened repeatedly in the so-called free market to the benefit of the richest of the rich, while promising that his market intervention would lift all now telling us this high tide economy he promised is now in the "process of correcting itself".

Bellylaughs all around.

As the Crawford Comedien builds to the end of his routine he involves his audience and tells an inside joke.....

He also was asked whether the United States has an inflation problem, because of rising consumer prices and the weak dollar. Bush did not answer the question directly. “We believe in a strong dollar,” Bush said.

See....what the audience needed to know in order to get this joke.....was that when George "believes" in something, you know, like WMD, it's probably not true. Get it? WMD in Iraq? Strong dollar? Yeah, we believe in both of them. Haha. The guy has a future in stand-up, I'm telling ya'.

A good comedien will save his best for last. Bush shows why he's ready for the national comedy club tour with this....

“It’s important not to overcorrect, because when you overcorrect you end up in the ditch,” Bush said. Link

Nothing funnier than that line.

The United States would certainly not want to "end up in a ditch". If America was in a ditch, then the economy would be all messed up, the dollar would be losing value, there would be a credit problem, millions of people would be losing their homes, good jobs would be scarce, retail sales would go down, consumer confidence would hit new lows and stagflation would set in.

Man, it sure is a good thing Bush didn't "overcorrect", huh? If he would have overcorrected the last 7+ years then right here and now we would be in a ditch.

Aren't you glad he's been doing the driving?



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