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Bush Warned 40 Times Before 9-11

By The Reverend Published: March 9, 2008


In this exclusive extract from his new book, Philip Shenon uncovers how the White House tried to hide the truth of its ineptitude leading up to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

..more than 40 presidential briefings presented to Bush from January 2001 through to September 10, 2001, included references to bin Laden.

Since nobody outside the Oval Office could know exactly what Tenet had told Bush during his morning intelligence briefings, the presidential and senior briefings were Tenet's best defence to any claim that the CIA had not kept Bush and the rest of the Government well-informed about the threats. They offered a strong defence.

Some of the briefing titles....

"Bin Ladin Planning Multiple Operations" (April 20)and "Bin Ladin Threats Are Real" (June 30)

"Bin Ladin Public Profile May Presage Attack" (May 3)

"Terrorist Groups Said Co-operating on US Hostage Plot" (May 23)

"Bin Ladin's Networks' Plans Advancing" (May 26)

"Bin Ladin Attacks May Be Imminent"

(June 23)

"Bin Ladin and Associates Making Near-Term Threats" (June 25)

"Bin Ladin Planning High-Profile

Attacks" (June 30),

"Planning for Bin Ladin Attacks Continues, Despite Delays" (July 2)

Richard Clarke never gave up trying to get the Bush White House's attention....

Emails from the National Security Council's counter-terrorism director, Richard Clarke, showed that he had bombarded Rice with messages about terrorist threats.


This is a good read. Condi Rice is and was incompetent, completely out of her league (that's why she was chosen for the NSA job). Philip Zelikow, the backroom manipulator of the 9-11 Commission, helped out in keeping Clarke off Condi's incompetent back leading up to 9-11.

Forty times in seven months Bush was briefed about an imminent Bin Laden attack. Forty times. Nothing was done. Nothing.

How would a conservative Bush supporter explain all this?



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