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BushLand: Where Everyone Is A Terrorist

By The Reverend Published: August 15, 2007


Ever since it became common knowledge that George W. Bush ordered the NSA to spy on Americans illegally, the excuse was always something like, "Well, we're ONLY spying on al-Qaeda terrroists", or something to that effect. The Commander Guy himself said,...

"We created the Terrorist Surveillance Program to monitor the communications between al Qaeda commanders abroad and terrorist operatives within our borders. If al Qaeda is calling somebody in America, we need to know why, in order to stop attacks." Source

When The Reverend heard White House lines like this, I wondered how it was that these NSA terrorist-busters knew which phone call or communication, you know, to spy on. Did Bush's NSA, like, look at Caller ID or something and then, like, use the Criss-Cross directory to, you know, locate the bad guys? How was it all done and how could these al-Qaeda hunters know who it is that was calling before they eavesdropped(illegallly, I might add) on them?

Today the Ninth Circuit Court will hear a case that Bush's White House wants silenced as quickly as possible. It is a case that The Reverend has known about for quite awhile. The case finds its strength in a deposition by Mark Klein, an AT&T WorldNet Service employee who described a vast NSA communications hub-splicing effort which he witnessed. Today's Washington story tells us.....

The secret 24-by-48-foot room described by Klein was on the sixth floor of a building at 611 Folsom St. in San Francisco. Klein said the NSA "special project" was well known to the small community of company technicians, and he has provided internal documents to the court describing the "cuts" that were required to split Internet traffic and route a signal to the servers and other equipment in the room.

Klein said that he worked closely with the only two technicians who had been cleared to enter the room and that he entered briefly when he was invited to look at a cable problem. Access to the room was so restricted that, in 2003, employees had to wait days to fix an industrial air conditioner that was leaking water onto the floor below, Klein says.

Klein provided a detailed list of 16 communications networks and exchanges targeted in San Francisco, including MAE-West, a Verizon-owned Internet hub that is among the largest in the country. Klein also said "splitter cabinets" similar to the one on Folsom Street were installed in Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego.

So that's how they do it....I mean, that's how the Bush-ordered NSA knows they're spying on al-Qaeda. They simply spy on everybody first.....and then work their way down to the bad guys. It's the old Don Rumsfeld approach after 9-11 when talking about who America should attack first, "sweep it all up, stuff related and stuff that's not".

Elsewhere in the Post article we find this....

"The scale of these deployments is . . . vastly in excess of what would be needed for any likely application or any likely combination of applications, other than surveillance," says an affidavit filed by J. Scott Marcus, the senior Internet adviser at the Federal Communications Commission from 2001 to 2005. Marcus analyzed evidence for the plaintiffs in the case.


Marcus, the former FCC adviser, said in a legal declaration recently unsealed in the case that the operation described by Klein "is neither modest nor limited" and was far more extensive than needed if it was focused only on international communications or on tasks other than surveillance.

"I conclude that AT&T has constructed an extensive -- and expensive -- collection of infrastructure that collectively has all the capability necessary to conduct large-scale covert gathering of [Internet protocol]-based communications information, not only for communications to overseas locations, but for purely domestic communications as well," said Marcus, a veteran computer network executive who worked at GTE, Genuity and other companies before joining the FCC.

Now do you understand why there is a concerted effort by Bush and his obedient Intelligence Director Lapdog, Mike McConnell, to

deceive convince Congress to pass an amnesty bill for co-conspirator communications corporations?

In summary then: In George W. BushLand, where everything is a deception, an illusion or a lie, the starting point for satisfying the Constitution's 4th amendment guarantee of "probable cause" before the government can spy on Americans is very simple....everybody is a terrorist.

All else flows from that one premise. Excuse me for a second while I answer the phone.



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