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Busting The News

By The Reverend Published: September 23, 2009

I read a good one from the associate editor of NewsBusters. NewsBusters is a creatively conservative online site usually chock full of fact-free, wingnut postings.

First, a quick review...

You have probably seen a video clip by now of a sting on multiple ACORN offices by Hannah Giles (playing the prostitute) and James O'Keefe (playing the pimp). When the two sting actors finally got an ACORN person to bite on their "we want to buy a house, use it as a brothel for underage El Salvadoran girls, what should we do" nonsense, the video byte was quickly circulated by the right wing propaganda machine as "proof" that ACORN was a criminal enterprise.

No ACORN person has been charged with any crimes, NOTHING has been proven in a court of law....yet, Congress, the knee-jerk spineless assh*les that they are, quickly passed a bill to defund anything ACORN.

We now know that the acting duo tried out their vaudeville sting act in many ACORN offices around the country. So, we know it was a fishing expedition with only one purpose in mind.....get something damaging or potentially damaging to use against ACORN, thus, hurting the voter registration non-profit who primarily registers minority voters, who just so happen to vote overwhelmingly Democratic....AND....damage Obama in the process because he once had dealings back in Chicago with the community organizing group, ACORN.

The objective of the hooker-and-pimp show is clear.

Here's where the wingnut fun begins. Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe didn't find sound byte success in many cities' ACORN offices. ACORN employees called police on the sting duo at a couple of locations where a "gotcha" could not be obtained for Fox's Beck to later get a hard-on on camera about.

In Baltimore, where the young wingnut sting actors were trying, unsuccessfully, to entrap ACORN officials for wingnut-media purposes, a question has come up over whether the duo's taping the sting without permission was illegal.

That question of the illegality of secret videotaping in Maryland, just the question, has tweaked the tinfoil of NewsBusters' bloggers.

Associate editor of NewsBusters, Noel Sheppard.....I'm sure without any sense of irony, had this to say about the potential for Baltimore officials pressing charges against the hooker-and-pimp actors.

"..we now not only have a media unwilling to report the misdeeds of ACORNers, but we also have authorities going after those that dare to uncover such acts.

Honestly -- what country is this?"

Though not intended..... that's some funny stuff.

Wingnuts, naturally, wanted every cable and network "news" outlet to run a 24/7 loop of the hooker-and-pimp sting on ACORN. Wingnut media representatives taunted any media outlet who didn't comply with their wingnut wishes to feature the phony sting story.

Wingnuts, like Sheppard and his boss, the goofball Brent Bozell, are the movers of the modern conservative movement, and minorities, while accepted by wingnuts, are rarely part of that movement. Wingnuts believe the work of a primarily black non-profit voter registration and inner-city housing group only benefits the Democratic Party....and it's the fulltime job of wingnuts to diminish any power Democrats have. ACORN, by it's very existence, is a threat to conservative wingnuts.

But back to Noel Sheppard's quote....."we have authorities going after those that dare to uncover such acts."

NewsBusters, when it came to the exposing of the unlawful acts of Bush/Cheney in spying on Americans without warrants, judicial warrants as the Constitution requires, didn't care so much about, you know, journalists uncovering and exposing such acts. In fact, NewsBusters wanted "authorities" to go after those who did the "exposing."

NewsBusters' Sheppard Jan.29, 2005...

If only the Times would follow its own advice and stop betraying the public's trust by continually convicting people in its publication before they’ve been charged with a crime.

Umm.....Amen, Noel.

Sheppard again, June 26, 2006...

[I]t is high time the U.S. government took a stand against the reporting of classified intelligence information by America’s press. Irrespective of the self-serving opinions of Bill Keller and his associates, the public’s interest in safety and national defense is much greater than its desire to know the intricate details of how the government achieves such vital goals.


With that in mind, the Justice Department, led by attorney general Alberto Gonzales, must investigate and decide whether or not to prosecute the Times for its possibly treasonous acts.

I say to NewsBusters' Sheppard, "Honestly, Noel,...what country is this?"

Is ours a country where authorities are encouraged to go after those that dare to uncover such dastardly acts?

Bonus video: NewsBusters could take a lesson from this video. This is how intended irony is done......



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