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California Punishes Poor, Protects Rich

By The Reverend Published: July 22, 2009

Remember this?

"Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore..."

California is adding a new line....

'So we can f*ck them over.'

Hard to believe....

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders announced Monday that they had reached a deal to close California's $26.3-billion deficit and begin paying all of the state's bills again, potentially ending months of partisan wrangling and a cash crisis that threatens to push California into insolvency.

Their agreement, which could go before the full Legislature within days, does not include any broad-based tax increases, relying instead on deep cuts in government services, borrowing and accounting maneuvers to wipe out the deficit.

California, self-handcuffed by it's requirement of a super majority in their state legislature to raise taxes, has decided the best way to ease their financial problems is to punish the poor and vulnerable citizens in their state. Better, I guess, to punish the many rather than ask the richest few to pay a few more percentage points in taxes on their millions. The poor and vulnerable are getting what they deserve, after all, it's obviously their fault that they are poor and vulnerable. The richest few, on the other hand, have earned their no-new-taxes, privileged treatment by government.

Keep in mind, as you read further, that California leads the nation in total number of millionaires, 662,735. That's approximately 2% of California's 36 million population.

To make sure that the top 2% isn't insulted with new tax obligations, here's who must suffer....

Tens of thousands of seniors and children would lose access to healthcare, local governments would sacrifice several billion dollars in state assistance this year and thousands of convicted criminals could serve less time in state prison. Welfare checks would go to fewer residents, state workers would be forced to continue to take unpaid days off and new drilling for oil would be permitted off the Santa Barbara coast.

Schools are expected to have to increase the number of students in classes, lay off teachers and scale back their offerings.

Fees at the state's universities were already raised in anticipation of the deal. The number of students admitted would be reduced by thousands. And university employees are facing unpaid furloughs. They would join California's 230,000-plus state workers who will continue to be forced to take off three unpaid days per month through June 2010.

Work requirements under the state's welfare program would be increased, forcing many recipients to drop out. Emergency cash grants intended for the children of families not meeting those requirements would be eliminated for the first time. Entire groups of seniors currently eligible to receive healthcare in their homes no longer would be. Those that are eligible would be fingerprinted, an effort to eliminate fraud.

Despicable is not a strong enough word to describe California's handling of their economic crisis.

Many conservatives in America, in and out of elected office, will nod their heads in complete agreement with California's choices to hurt the masses in order to protect the few from tax increases. These conservatives only hold one coin in their political pockets. One side reads, "No Taxes", and the other side reads, "Cut spending."

On the national front, conservatives and the corporate media who love them, are pulling out that coin during health care reform negotiations, flipping it over and over.....moaning and whining that the top 1 1/2%, the richest Americans, will actually have to pay a couple of percentage points more on their bloated incomes if the filthy masses are to be bequeathed with the "entitlement" of health care. The nerve of those commie health care reformers.

It's funny, in a sick, demented way, that America's conservatives claim loudly that our nation is a Christian nation. Every so often a conservative will introduce a bill in Congress asserting that America is a Christian nation or founded on Christian principles, etc, etc. What's odd is that I don't remember the words or teachings of Jesus including stuff about f*cking over the poor, weak and vulnerable so that the communities richest didn't have to endure the humiliation of sacrificing a bit of their treasures.

I suppose I could have missed that part of the New Testament, but I don't think so.

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