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Cameras, Not Guns, Lethally Dangerous

By The Reverend Published: November 4, 2011

In Ohio, 2nd amendment gun

nuts enthusiasts have made it possible for Ohioans to carry concealed weapons while frequenting bars where alcohol is served.

Makes perfect sense. What could possibly go wrong?

What could be more sensible than a bar full of heat-packing Ohioans?

A Wisconsin state assembly full of heat-packing elected officials.

Concealed weapons will be permitted in most state buildings, including the Capitol, the Department of Administration announced Friday.

Wisconsin's new concealed carry statutes go into effect Tuesday. People who have gone through firearms training can begin applying for permits that day.

"State law ensures that citizens with licenses are able to carry concealed weapons and that law extends to state facilities," DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch said. "Wisconsin is the 49th state to put a concealed carry law into place. Individuals with licenses are law-abiding citizens and we must respect their right to keep and bear arms under the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions."

Who knew that Wisconsin's Assembly was overwhelmed with criminal assemblymen? Carrying concealed weapons, I have been told, is for self-defense purposes. Who are the criminals from whom Wisconsin state officials must protect themselves? Honestly, I have no clue. If I was going to rob people, for obvious reasons, I wouldn't start at a state's Capitol Building.

So, like Ohio's bill, Wisconsin's new packing-heat-in-the state-assembly law....must be about taking the country know, freedom.

FREEDOM. Concealing loaded guns wherever you are is known on the far right as their god-given right to express their liberty. By god.

Deadly, loaded weapons carried by dozens of elected officials who are hotly debating extremely divisive seen as a wise and freedom inspiring move. Yet, non-dangerous, non-lethal cameras and recording devices....apparently...are so dangerous to state lawmakers that they are prohibited from the Wisconsin Assembly gallery.....

Eighteen people were arrested Tuesday for using cameras in the Wisconsin Assembly gallery, including the editor of The Progressive magazine, Matt Rothschild.

Rothschild and others had gone to the capitol to protest a series of arrests in recent weeks of individuals who carried signs or took photos or video in defiance of an Assembly ban.

"We ought to have a right to take a picture," Rothschild said.

Guns, Yes. Cameras, No.

Prompting Stephen Colbert to opine thusly...

Stephen Colbert said Governor Walker was bringing "a new freedom to America's dairyland" with the concealed carry law, but said people would not see "images of gunfire in the statehouse" because of the camera ban. "Thank God. Cameras are dangerous," he said.

Of course, as we saw during the Wisconsin GOP actions to crush unions and union workers, cameras can be dangerous enemies of the state. Loaded guns concealed by assembly people....freedom. Cameras recording reality....dangerous threats.

I'm not going to take the time to wade through any mumbo-jumbo legalese seeking to justify these obviously unjustifiable contradictions.

What I am concerned about is the total lack of common sense by TEA Party extremists who would defend carrying concealed weapons on the Wisconsin Assembly floor, yet would at the same time prohibit recording devices in the building. What in the hell is the matter up in Wisconsin? What is wrong with these people?

Once again....because there are certainly no logical, intelligent, facts-based justifications for encouraging the carrying of loaded, concealed weapons by elected officials in the Wisconsin Assembly....I can only assume that this nutty and purposely provocative new law falls under the umbrella of the Rushbo Doctrine...."if it pisses off progressives and seems insanely crazy....then, do it."

I'm open to considering other reasons for what seems like total insanity.

Anyone want to try to square this circle?



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