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Campaign As Farce

By The Reverend Published: September 20, 2008

Last night on the Rachel Maddow Show, 9PM MSNBC, Ana Marie Cox from, who is traveling with the McCain campaign, said that "angry" is the best way to describe the current mood of the McCain campaign. "Angry."

When Maddow asked Cox about the many lies spoken by both McCain and Palin while on the campaign trail.....Cox said she thinks the McCain campaign simply doesn't care what the media thinks or says, or writes, about any of it....and that they will continue to say whatever is necessary to hold on to their conservative base voters.

The Reverend has concluded that the McCain-Palin campaign is nothing but a farce. Initially, I thought McCain would actually make an honest attempt at vying for the presidency. I don't know why I thought that....but I did. No more. Looking back at the Sarah Palin pick for VP the day after Barack Obama electrified 70,000+ Democrats and 38 million teevee viewers,.....analyzing the "on message" Republican attack of the media during the following week's Republican National Convention,.... listening to the repetition of lies by both GOP candidates ever since and even after being called out on them....there's only one conclusion I can make.

The McCain-Palin campaign is a farce.

The cynical minds of Karl Rove and his first apostle Steve Schmidt, currently running McCain's campaign, created the trainwreck we've been watching the last few weeks. McCain wanted either Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge for his running mate. Both of whom are pro-choice. The Rovians insisted on Sarah Palin, a raging anti-abortionist church lady from Alaska, to encourage the far right evangelical extremist leaders, like James Dobson and Tony Perkins, to rally the religious wingnuts for McCain.

Rove and his rogues knew the media would have a million questions about Palin, a woman very few Americans were acquainted with. Thus, part of the plan was to pre-emptively attack the media during the convention, setting the stage for the preposterous lie telling by McCain and Palin that would follow. Watching the RNC, it was literally amazing to listen to every GOP pod person speak the exact same words of scorn and ridicule, all directed at the media, for sins they had never committed. Now I know why.

You see, in the twisted mind of Steve Schmidt, when a totally unqualified person is picked as a running mate for John McCain, as Sarah Palin obviously is, the way to counter the fact that she is unqualified, is to pre-emptively attack the media who will be reporting on that unqualified person. Once the media had been successfully demonized, at least in the minds of the wingers, then the lies and distortions could flow freely. And they certainly have.

As the media reports on the myriad of lies now, McCain's people, as Ana Marie Cox said last night, can simply point to the media as the culprit...having set that stage at the RNC. With this dynamic fully in place, both McCain and Palin have said some of the damnest things on the campaign trail of late, many proven to be false. But see....they don't care what the media says about them. The fact that the media is now calling these GOP candidates out for their lies and nonsensical statements is viewed as a plus by the cynics running McCain's campaign. In the winger mind, the media reporting of McCain-Palin lies, flip-flops, or absurdities, is just more reason to vote for the GOP duo.

Like I's a total farce.

From the totally ridiculous "we are all Georgians now", to the "fundamentals of our economy are strong" embarassment, to the "thanks, but no thanks" lies about the Nowhere Bridge, to the "troopergate" stonewalling complete with Cheney-like lawlessness regarding subpoenas, all the way to implying that Barack Obama is a pervert looking to molest kindergartners and steal old white women's life savings.....the Rove-driven McCain-Palin campaign has proven themselves to be a farce, unworthy of America's support.

America is better than that, even if the Republican Party leaders are not.



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