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Can't Stop Laughing And Applauding

By The Reverend Published: March 12, 2008

Perhaps it was Bush's scorched earth foreign policy that compelled him to sing his version of a song he called, " The Brown, brown grass of home", at the Knee Pad Gridiron Bash the other night. Maybe it all came about simply because George W. and The Dick are, most assuredly, the two biggest cynical pr*cks ever to occupy the executive branch.

I lean towards the latter.

Whichever, it was a bangup time as Knee Padders from every Pimp Zone laughed and clapped and stood to their feet celebrating the gloriously funny presidency of a maniac. It all seemed more appropriate for a Three Stooges Fanclub Convention, but then that's the nature of the incest now amongst the criminals elected and those who are hired to hold the elected criminal's feet to the fire. The closest Knee Pad Media members come to holding stuff and fire is when they experience carpet burns while holding Republican criminals' service to the nation, naturally.

You may remember the White House Correspondents Dinner gala of 2004 when Barney the Bush dog, (not to be confused with the 2 legged Bush Dogs in Congress), was seen on video seaching the White House for WMD, while George W. prompted the canine, "they must be around here somewere".
The Knee Padders almost laughter over that hilarious line.

Those giving George W. a standing "O" last night were the same Padders from 2004. They are shamelessly insatiable. They can't get enough of all the fun this administration has been feeding them.

Fun like "Harriet and Brownie". Harriet Miers, George W.'s White House counsel and lifelong servicer was nominated by the Crawford Comedien to be a Supreme Court Justice. Miers was completely unqualified, which I think is why the Comedien (who also does soft-shoe) nominated her. The same is true of Brownie of Katrina fame. Brownie was the FEMA director, specifically because he wasn't qualified. Now that's some funny stuff.

Truly, standing and applauding about an event where hundreds died and thousands lost everything, laughing and giggling about death and destruction which could have been, at least somewhat, mitigated by responsible and capable leadership, takes a unique brand of Padder. It takes a special and prestigious group of Knee Pad media members who can rise above the shame, shock and disgust that such humor produces from normal Americans. These media folks however, are unique, special,....rising to the top, like cream, while kneeling before their masters of comedy.

No longer is it only death, misery and destruction that's creating all the full and deep throated laughter from professional White House servicers. The fun times now extend to uproarious laugh lines like, "Scooter, finally free of the prosecutor". Lawlessness is now the new comedic chic. These patriotic practitioners of Padding are now humming along with outrageously hilarious lines describing how criminals and traitors to the nation are above the law. That's some funny stuff, too.

To a room full of professional people wearing Knee Pads, I ask, what could hit their funny bones more effectively than something they are all quite familiar with? Answer: The Dick. And Bush's cavalcade of comedy in "brown, brown grass" included the great torturer and warmonger, himself. What was so funny about The Dick was "all the documents he's been holdin'". Constitution be damned, huh....that's some funny stuff.

Just as old dogs CAN be taught new tricks, so too, veteran Knee Pad Media CAN be taught how to laugh and applaud for new emerging avenues of humor. Knee Pad Media members at the Gridiron gathering have revealed how flexible they have become in adapting their open-mouthed and open-minded profession to embrace previously forbidden topics of humor. To the already existing laugh tracts surrounding misery, war, torture and death....all quite funny material in themselves.....has been added the humor of lawlessness....who knew how hilarious lawlessness could be?.......AND finally the chuckle and standing "O" producing new humor of unaccountability for criminals and Constitution shredding. See how these professional patriot journalists have learned how to "go with the flow"?

Finally, because all this is just too funny to continue....George W., that Codpieced, Brush Clearing, Commander Guy, Decider president used the words "only dreamin'" in his standing "O" producing production.

If only that were true.

"We're all gonna' miss" him in the same way we would miss a surgically removed cancerous tumor.



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