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By The Reverend Published: July 15, 2008

Pre-emptive apology.....the following post was done in haste...

Barack Obama will give a speech today that will focus specifically on foreign policy. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, al-Qaeda....will all be part of that speech. Hopefully the substance of the speech will be covered fairly and accurately by mainstream media....however, I'm not holding my breath. It's tough for media to find the time or space for policy talk. Main media is simply swamped with more serious stuff like New Yorker magazine covers, what Hillary or Bill said yesterday, or deep and thorough discussions about Obama's "inexperience", his being "naive", or his "problem" connecting with white voters, you know, those "regular folks."

In February, 2008 I wrote a post entitled "Obama Already Running Foreign Policy". In it, I explained what Barack Obama had said repeatedly in the primary campaign about what he would do, if president, concerning Afghanistan, Pakistan and the 9-11 enemy, al-Qaeda.

Obama's answer was thrown about as a sign he wasn't ready for prime time. He just didn't know how it all worked out there in the big world....too naive and inexperienced, he was.

Of course Obama was right about doing what needs done against 9-11 criminals. George W. Bush agreed with the president-to-be about Pakistan and he proved it, Junior did EXACTLY what Obama had previously advised. Rightfully so, I might add. What Bush ordered in Pakistan was the strategy I thought we would see after 9-11. We got an occupation in Iraq instead.

Last night, Richard Clarke made an appearance on Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" with guest host Rachel Maddow. Watch Clarke and pay attention at about the 6 minute mark. He says exactly what The Reverend said 5 months ago....

Summarizing. Clarke makes mention of how absolutely dishonest it is of the media to repeatedly state that Obama is "untested" in foreign policy, "inexperienced", "green".....unlike how the media treats John McCain, who is always characterized as an "expert" in foreign policy, "his strength". Richard Clarke proves this is all dishonest and misleading (just as The Reverend did 5 months ago) considering that Obama's policy about al-Qaeda in Pakistan was, in fact, followed to the letter by George W. Bush.

But "America just doesn't know who Obama is" and McCain is a "tried and true straight talking, foreign policy expert".



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