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Catfood Or Caliphate....

By The Reverend Published: August 5, 2011

In an American era when what voters want has absolutely no meaning,...carries no weight whatsoever....almost anything can happen.

Our overlords have just agreed to permit Congress to appoint a 12 member Patsy Committee to take the blame for cutting Social Security and Medicare. No new taxes, of course, will be considered......and no tax loophole closings either....because if taxes were raised on the rich or loopholes closed for the rich...then America would not be free. Islamic extremists hate us don'tcha know.....because of our, increasing taxes on the rich would, in fact, be appeasing our enemies. See how that all works?

Overlords will be overlords....and so with tax increases off the table before the table is set up....foolish and Slinky-spined Democrats think that the $1 trillion annual defense know..might have a bit of fat in it. Perhaps the Mighty Patriots of Extortion will accept a few cuts in the bloated and rotted Defense Department. If non-economic terrorists on the Super Duper Committee of Twelve can't offer up any tax increases in the $1.5 trillion mandated cut to spending they are supposed to agree on for fear of being tagged with the new name al-America....maybe, just maybe....they will see their way clear to trimming the Defense budget.

Or maybe not

LIEBERMAN: I want to indicate today to my colleagues that Senator Coburn and I are working again on a bipartisan proposal to secure Social Security over the long term, we hope to have that done in time. To also forward to the special committee for their consideration. So, bottom line, we can’t protect these entitlements and also have the national defense we need to protect us in a dangerous world while we’re at war with Islamist extremists who attacked us on 9/11 and will be for a long time to come.

Naturally....Lieberman is an a**hole. That's a given. But Ole' Joe is considered by the Village nutters as a moderate centrist whose take on issues is just like the "just right" bowl of porridge in the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.

Joe's a neo-conservative who has always been very vocal about supporting the needs of Israel over the needs of the United States. Some might call that a contradiction...him being a U.S. citizen and U.S. senator, and all....but to the rotted and diseased Village, Joe is a true statesman.

But you see....according to Statesman Joe....America can't afford Social Security checks for geezers while chasing down less than two dozen Islamic radicals in northwest Pakistan. Damnest thing....but we can't do both. I guess it's really, really, really expensive to track down a couple dozen suspects.

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta declared Saturday that the United States was "within reach" of defeating Al Qaeda as a terrorist threat, but that doing so would require killing or capturing what he called the group's 10 to 20 remaining leaders.

"10 to 20 remaining leaders". Mighty Joe proudly states that we'll be at war against these Islamic extremists for "a long time to come." That must be because our mighty military machine is the most powerful and efficient killing machine in all of history....or maybe not.

So what we have after all the Tea Party "no taxes" and the neo-cons 'oh my god, we can't cut defense spending because there's 20 bad guys still alive' making American seniors' lives more miserable by cutting "entitlements."

And that's exactly what we'll get. Medicare and Social Security are all that will be "on the table" for the Galactically Important Super Congress of 12 Stooges to consider as they seek to fulfill their mandate to cut another $1.5 trillion from federal spending during the worst recession American has been in since the 1930's.

Again....Joe Lieberman says that we "can't" protect entitlements and still be able to kill those 20 bad Islamic guys. Can't do both. Can't afford to do both. It's one or the other. Either the American geezers take a hit....or the 20 Islamic bad guys will take over America and most of the free world.

A reasonable person might think...."what Lieberman is saying sounds like a crock of bullsh*t." But a reasonable person would be mistaken. Lieberman is a Mighty Serious Statesman from the Three Amigo Serious Statesman Group. Whenever there's even a whiff of a threat to Mother Israel, the Villagers wheel Ole' Joe out to shake his fists at another Muslim he just has to be taken Seriously.

So, if you are looking for the Catfood Commission 2....I mean, the Super Congress of the be, you know, balanced, or fair as it wheels the slasher knife on government spending......DON'T.

Obama wants to "reform" entitlements. Republicans want to privatize entitlements. Villagers, like Joe Lieberman, want to slash entitlements in order to maintain low tax rates on his rich associates and still be able to increase spending for the Mighty Battle Ahead of eliminate 20 Islamic thugs.

Which "want", do you think, will win out?



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