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Celebrating The Hate

By The Reverend Published: March 9, 2014

Yes, it was a hate-fest. After observing these CPAC gatherings for a number of years, I can confidently state that the attraction for conservatives who attend each year is the guarantee that invited speakers to the event will deliver the hate they love so much.

Not every speaker, of course. After all, presidential candidate wannbees can't appear too hateful. But when CPAC speaker lists include names like Ben Carson, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin, any attendee knows that no matter how big of an appetite they have for hearing the hate....that appetite will be satiated.

Coulter praised 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's comments on immigration, which were widely considered to hurt his efforts to win over Latinos. She said she supported Romney because he was the "most aggressive" on immigration.

You may remember that Ms. Coulter made a prediction before the 2012 GOP primaries. She said then that if the GOP didn't choose...yes...Chris Christie as their nominee for 2012, then Mitt Romney would win the nomination and Republicans would lose the election.

Yesterday, Coulter claimed she supported Romney because he was proudly in favor of the "self-deportation" final solution to America's immigration problem. Coulter went on to explain how Christie has fallen out of favor with her, not because the Big Kahuna is now under multiple investigations for political corruption, but because Chris Christie does not support rounding up millions of undocumented immigrants and sending them back to Mexico and Latin America, like she does.

Just don't ever call her, or any other like-minded conservative haters, racist....

Coulter said only MSNBC seems to have noticed -- and celebrated -- the "browning of America." "But if you don't celebrate it, you're a racist," she said sarcastically.

It's interesting to note at this point that this year's CPAC included a scheduled session on "minority outreach." Time and time again, we've all heard how Serious Republicans and conservatives are about "expanding the tent", reaching out to minorities who tend to vote for Democrats. One could surmise, then, that a scheduled CPAC seminar session on "minority outreach" would be full to the brim with conservatives eager to learn new ways to attract minority Americans to the traditionally, all-white GOP. Go here and see the totally empty room where the session was held.

It's all attributable to the hate. Attendees didn't travel to CPAC to here any talk of "outreach" to groups they hate. So, why would they attend a session where their hate would have to be suppressed? They wouldn't...and they didn't.

And it is that very hate that led Ann Coulter to slyly blame MSNBC for celebrating the "browning of America." A Coulter twofer. Hating on the "liberal media" and invoking racism in one swing. That's the same MSNBC who produces 3 hours of Republican Teevee every weekday morning. Left unsaid was the GOP's "whiting of America" strategy in the 2012 general election. In case you have forgotten, it was the Republican strategy in 2012 to appeal only to white voters.

It was Ann Coulter's job yesterday at CPAC to drive that strategy home to the initiated....

"You want the Democrats who want more immigrants, particularly illegal immigrants, because they need brand new voters, just warm bodies, more votes," she said. "Amnesty goes through, and the Democrats have 30 million new voters. I just don't think Republicans have an obligation to forgive law-breaking just because the Democrats need another 30 million voters."

You see, conservatives and Republicans don't really hate non-white least not in a personal way. It's a detached kind of hate. What they genuinely hate is when non-whites vote for Democrats. So, rather than, you know, learning new ways to reach out to non-white voters, CPAC attendees preferred getting their hate-fuel cells recharged by the likes of the laughable Palin and Carson....and the peculiarly offensive Ann Coulter.

One more riff. What Coulter made clear....was that conservatives do not "celebrate the browning of America." And multiple efforts by red state conservatives to suppress minority voting stand out as evidence that that is, indeed, true. What CPAC conservatives really, really hate.....although they just can't come right out and say that white political control of America is slowly but surely passing away.

Conservatives hate THAT....and passionately.

All the attempts at humor by CPAC speakers, all the 'strategy' sessions at CPAC, all the hate-filled speeches at CPAC.....were all variations of that one central theme.

The one thing about THAT one central theme, despite the roars of laughter in response to hate-filled tries at humor, is that it isn't a laughing matter.

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