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Certain About The Uncertainty

By The Reverend Published: February 28, 2008


Funny thing happened while cutting and pasting today's comments from Bush about the economy.

Let's look at Bush's nonsense first.....

"I'm concerned about the economy," he said. "I don't think we're headed to recession. But no question, we're in a slowdown."

"So we're still for a strong dollar."

"We'll make it through this period just like we made it through other periods of uncertainty during my presidency," Bush said.

I can't resist.

Mr. Bush's presidency has been one long period of uncertainty. The American people haven't made it through the uncertainty of this period, they've simply had to endure it. When people have to endure a burden of uncertainty for a time, they become impatient in their desire to rid themselves of the burden. That's why, on average, Democratic primary and caucus goers are outnumbering their counterparts in the GOP primaries, 2-1. That's how certain people in America are about how worn out they have become from enduring the uncertainty of Bush's presidency.

Now to the funny thing I ran into.

If you would humor me just a bit. Please look at each of the two links below. Scan the two ABC articles, one from Sept 2007, one from today.

2008 ABC link

2007 ABC link

Now aren't the two columns virtually identical? They're 5 months apart, mind you, and they are virtually the same. People who would know more about how a big and serious news group like ABC News explains this kind of thing will have to educate me on how this all works.

Is this common practice in the professional media?



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