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Chaos In Iraq & Washington

By The Reverend Published: August 31, 2007


The wheels have come off at the White House and when the wheels come off disasters can happen. Read this, keeping in mind that Bob Gates is the acting Secretary of Defense....

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that President Bush will soon request an additional $50 billion from Congress for the war in Iraq. The request, which is expected to be made after Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker testify to Congress about Iraq, "appears to reflect the view in the administration" that Bush's escalation strategy "will last into the spring of 2008 and will not be shortened by Congress."

On Fox News' Special Report last night, host Brit Hume revealed that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was unaware of the White House's plans. "A Pentagon spokesman said Defense Secretary Gates saw the published report this morning and said, quote, 'this is news to me,' " reported Hume. Link

Gates, according to FOX, (arguably unreliable) knows nothing about the $50 billion additional money request for Iraq. What could that mean? Well, it could mean that Gates isn't in on the internal discussions of George and the Dick. It could mean that the White House is just making stuff up out of the blue, without the advice of department heads. They wouldn't do something like that....would they?

Wouldn't a normal person ask the question, 'Why wouldn't the Secretary of Defense be in on any decision that had to do with, you know, defense?'

Wouldn't the Defense Department be the source of any request for more funds? Wouldn't Gates be the one who originated the need for more money and then go to the president, so the president could take the request to Congress? Doesn't that seem like the normal chain of leadership?

Or could it be that the dry drunk president and his faithful maniac, the Dick, have decided to intensify the fight with the Democratic majority in Congress? Could it be that the Commander Guy and Darth are proudly standing on the deck of their "Mission Destroyed" administration, saluting the Congress and the American people, let alone Bob Gates, with the middle finger salute? Maybe that's what the $50 billion more for Iraq is all about. Another 'in your face' attempt to fight against George's real enemies, the Democrats.

Perhaps deep inside the bowels of the White House, or an undisclosed location, the discussion went something like this:

The Decider: "We gotta' deal with this Iraq funding thing Dick and then we're home free. How should we handle it? Those goddamned Democrats are going to make it difficult. All the bad reports and all."

The Dick: "Tell 'em to go f**k themselves. That's what I would do."

The Decider: "I know you would, but I can't get away with that. Come on Dick, that's why I let you pick yourself, so you could come up with dark, deceptive sh*t when I need it."

The Dick: "All right, we want those b*stards to approve another year of Iraq funding so our military industrial buddies can have at least one more go around before that b*tch Hillary gets in, right? Tell 'em you need another $50 billion. That will piss them off but good. But what are those lame-asses gonna' do? They're liable to give it to us."

The Decider: "Hey, that's a good idea. Ya' know Dick, I wish I had a brain, like you do. Should we bring Gates in on this?"

The Dick: "What for? We haven't consulted with him yet, have we? We're an empire now Decider, and WE create reality, not Bob Gates, not those goddamned Democrats, just you and me....well mostly me....Just have someone leak that we are going to ask for more money and just watch all those leftist Islamofascistloving pr*cks piss their pants. It'll be more fun than seeing that guy's face I blasted with birdshot."

The Decider: "That's why I let you pick yourself Dick, you have all the good ideas."

Something like that.

Update at 11:22 A.M: Some apparently sheltered folks think The Reverend is a bit too shrill, you know, about war and peace and serious stuff like that. There are those who believe that my posts are 'exaggerated' or over the top.

To those folks I offer this. Go read that new article, every bit of which is true. Then realize that The Reverend hasn't yet begun to scratch the surface of shrillness. The people running the U.S. government, in particular the executive branch, are the WORST detestable people our nation has ever seen. It actually is impossible to overstate the case. It's that bad.



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